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Solar On Ship

Solar system on ship is an off grid or hydra system, ship is a moving platform and cannot use grid power, normally use the diesel generators to get power, but the fuel and maintenance are quite expensive. And now solar system applied in this area, install solar panels on the top of big platform, connect with storage battery and match with diesel generators, save more fuel cost. Working principle is: daytime use solar power, the rest power store into batteries, during evening, battery discharge power to appliances, if not enough, diesel generators work and supplement the gap.

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Solar Communication Tower

Less than 3% of the 342,000 communication towers operating till now which are not connected to the grid are powered by solar power. Energy accounts for a large portion of Cellular Tower operating costs in remote areas. Normally relying on diesel generator to get electricity, which accounts for 40-50% of the operating cost. A hybrid energy system made up of solar, lithium-ion or fuel cells can lower costs and provide sufficient and stable power to one million communication towers in unstable regions around the world. By 2020, solar modules production will reach 1.7GW and lithium ion battery production will reach 1.3GWh in terms of the size of the potential global market.

The "tower + distributed photovoltaic" model can optimize the structure of base station power supply, change the traditional grid power, back-up power supply ways into the new power structure of grid power, back-up power and solar power supply. It can also make full use of the unused roof of tower communication base stations, revitalize fixed assets, and enhance the additional income of base stations.

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Solar Carport

Solar carport means integrate solar panels with carport together, use solar panels to cover the top of carport, also can generate power to get more benefit, keep out wind, rain and sunshine, beautiful and practical, no need occupies extra areas. Solar carport is very popular overseas, and now more companies are promoting to install solar carport in their factory, hospital, schools etc.9 光伏车棚

Solar On Bus Station

Solar intelligent bus station is more popular in the past two years, the electronic display screen of intelligent bus station, can display all over the real-time information of all buses which are passing, the passengers can choose the most suitable travel routes according to the information on screen quickly, and can do expectations at the same time, reduce waiting anxious psychology; In addition, it also has map navigation, life services, USB charging functions etc., which greatly solves the problem of difficult charging of mobile phones during passengers' travel.
Solar PV system can give full play to a specific role, set up on the roof of the platform, to provide sufficient power for all equipment on the platform, especially suitable for remote areas. With the increasing number of urban population and cars, intelligent bus stations not only solve the problem of urban congestion, but also meet the needs of the masses to travel, and become an important part of the public transport system of smart cities.

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Solar On Car

There were hundreds of years of history in the whole automobile industrial, vehicle-mounted electronic equipment consumption of electricity is rising, current the main power supply is battery, but the biggest defect is that battery only provide DC power. With the increase of electrical appliances, they cannot be charged by DC power, only battery in car limits the use of extra car electrical appliances. At present, with the continuous promotion of solar PV system and technical update, the roof of the car can be used to install solar power devices, which can not only charge the external standby power, but also provide the sun and rain shading for the car, and solve the gap of no AC power supply for the car. Vehicle solar PV charging devices, solar panels can be fixed overhead compartment of the car, no matter when car is parking or running, can charge at any time as long as exposed to the sun, the panels power are 100 ~ 500W. Standby battery bank capacity can be equipped with 300 ~ 2000Wh, and has the inverter, to provide 220Vac power, provide adequate backup power for on-board electrical appliances, such as computers, printers, mobile phone and vehicle appliances such as refrigerator, and at the same time the standby power bank can be carried out for camping and provide power for lighting and appliances, also can be used as automobile emergency launch power.

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