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About Boland

Boland Renewable Energy Co.,LTD as an integrated new energy power company, providing you with high quality wind energy & solar energy & energy storage system solutions and manufacture wind turbine,solar panel,solar inverter,energy storage equipment.Boland also offer wind power farm & solar power farm EPC service and finance investment cooperation or power plant purchase cooperation.   

Boland is now a subsidiary of CRRC, and is responsible for the overseas expansion of CRRC's new energy business. We have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.


About CRRC

CRRC was established in 1959, formerly known as Zhuzhou Electrical Locomotive Research Institute of Ministry of Railways,and currently is the first-class wholly-owned subsidiary of CRRC Corporation Limited.It is a state-owned enterprise.

CRRC is a Chinese manufacturer of high-speed railways, with a series of products represented by high-speed locomotives, high-power locomotives, railroad wagons and urban rail vehicles, and is a leading global supplier of rail transportation equipment with a wide range of products and first-class technology.

The same time,CRRC committed to becoming an international provider of renewable energy, intelligent operation and maintenance solutions and a comprehensive energy service provider.

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Boland/CRRC Partners

Why Us

Mature Technology

China's wind turbines engineering and power generation technology is well-known throughout the world. With more than 20 years' construction, we have rich experience and mature technology.

Rich Experience

Apart from many successful cooperation cases in China, we also have similar experience abroad for years.

Advanced Equipment

We have various kinds of power turbines. The products are of good quality, strong stability and complete equipment.

Perfect After-sale Service

We take after-sale service seriously. "Making customers 100% satisfied " is our permanent goal.

Our production line


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