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Boland Fast Delivery 0.6KW Incllined Jet Turbine

Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine is a kind of impact turbine.Mainly divided into vertical and horizontal two series, composed of nozzle and runner.The runner is composed of an outer rim, an inner hub and a number of single bowl-shaped bucket blades fixed therein.The Angle of the nozzle jet to 22.5 ° oblique shock after positive blade wheel from the back.Simple structure, low cost, but low efficiency.For small power stations only.

Product Details

Product introduction of Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine


Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine is made by nozzle, runner, support part( machine seat), which is suitable for water head 7-40m, the diameter of pressure pipe is from 70mm-150mm. When water flows from the pressure foray into the turbine nozzle through pipe, its potential energy is converted to kinetic energy by the nozzle. The high speed water jet comes out from the nozzle strikes at the buckets (blades) at a certain angle (not in a tangential direction) against the rotating surface of the runner. The water flows into the propeller (turbine runner) from one side and flows out from other side.

Jet Turbine
Jet Turbine

The features of Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine

1.Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine has Small size, lightweight, easy installation;

2.Suitable for household electricity( lamp, phone charging, rice cooker, induction cooker and other ordinary appliances) every family can install one unit;

3.Output electricity based on water flow, the water flow become bigger, output electricity will be higher; when the dry season coming and water flow become smaller, the unit still can produce electricity but lower output electricity;

4.Stable performance, easy operation and long lifespan;

5.Generator winding is made by copper wire.

Technical parameters of Boland Fast delivery 0.6KW Incllined jet turbine

Jet Turbine
Jet Turbine

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