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Boland's Hydro Turbine 100KW-500KW Francis Turbine

Rated power:100KW-500KW
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The Francis turbine,   is a type of counter-attack turbine, invented by the American engineer Francis in 1849, also known as the Francis turbine, or spoked-axis turbine. The water flows radially from all sides into the turbine and then approximately axially out of the turbine, which consists of an upper crown, lower ring and blades [1]. The trend in recent years has been towards high head, high capacity, high specific speed and high efficiency.

Francis turbine
Francis turbine  

Francis turbines are compact, highly efficient and can adapt to a wide range of heads, and are one of the turbine types widely used around the world. When the water flows through the working wheel of this turbine, it enters in a spoke direction and flows out axially, so it is also called a spoke axial flow turbine.

Francis turbine
Francis turbine

It is suitable for water heads from 20 m up to 700 m. The mechanism is simple, stable and efficient, but it is generally used in the medium head range (50 m to 400 m). The output of individual machines ranges from a few tens to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts. At present the maximum output of this turbine has exceeded 700,000 kW. It is one of the most widely used types of turbine. China's single-capacity 700 MW units are in operation at Three Gorges, and the 800 MW mixed-flow unit is used at Xiangjiaba

Francis turbine
Francis turbine

Boland is a hydropower equipment company with 60 years of experience that can contract hydropower EM and EPC projects. Boland has one of the top 8 engineering design teams in China.We can provide you with expert technical advice and solution regarding hydroelectric power plant. And we have teamed up with China CRRC. All of China's high-speed rail projects are built by CRRC.

Boland's units have been installed in more than 1000 locations in China and in more than 20 countries abroad, such as Indonesia, Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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