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Get to know China's wind farms ------ Donghai Bridge Offshore Wind Farm


Shanghai Donghai Bridge 100,000kW wind farm is located on both sides of Donghai Bridge from Lingang New Town in Pudong new Area to Yangshan Deep water port. China's first offshore wind power project, the 100,000-kilowatt Donghai Bridge Offshore wind farm in Shanghai, was inaugurated in 2007. As the first large-scale offshore wind farm in Asia, Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm is a milestone in the development history of wind power generation in China.


Hydrogeological condition

The Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm is located in the East Sea on the east side of The Donghai Bridge. The north end of the wind farm is 8 km away from the shoreline, and the south end is 13 km away from the shoreline. Twenty 5 MW fans are arranged in three rows, with a distance of 750 m from south to north (along the Direction of the Donghai Bridge) and a distance of 1.2 km from east to west. The water depth of the project area is 9.9 ~ 11.9 m, and the seabed beach elevation is -10.00 ~ -10.67 m. The surface of the beach is mainly silt.


Foundation structure

At present, the fan foundation of offshore wind power plant can be divided into gravity fixed, pillar fixed and floating foundation. Donghai Bridge offshore wind power plant is located in the offshore seawater area, and the foundation soil is mainly soft clay in the depth of 20 m below the seabed surface. Based on the existing offshore fan tower infrastructure in Western European countries and the design experience of offshore oil platform, offshore lighthouse and offshore bridge, it is considered that the fixed pile foundation is more suitable. Therefore, four basic types are proposed for structural design.

The first scheme is tripod combined foundation, and the second scheme is 4-pod combined foundation. These two schemes refer to the structural types of offshore oil platform and offshore lighthouse foundation. The third scheme is high pile cap pile group foundation. The fourth scheme is the single steel pipe pile foundation scheme, which is the common structural type of offshore shallow sea fan foundation.



The 100,000 kW offshore wind power project of Shanghai Donghai Bridge is the world's first offshore wind power grid connection project outside Europe and China's first national offshore wind power demonstration project.The project is located at the east side of The Donghai Bridge in Shanghai sea, 8-13 kilometers from the shoreline, with an average water depth of 10 meters. The total installed capacity is 102 MW, and all 34 3MW offshore wind turbines independently developed by Sinovel are used.

It is expected to generate 260 million kilowatt-hours of electricity a year, which will be sent back to the mainland via undersea cables. It will be enough to power more than 200,000 Shanghai households for a year, saving 100,000 tons of coal and 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide annually.


Donghai Bridge Offshore wind farm has created a number of "first" in the history of China's wind farm construction: it is the first time to use the independently developed 3 MW offshore unit, marking that China's high-power wind turbine equipment manufacturing industry ranks among the world's advanced ranks; It is the first time to adopt the overall hoisting technology of offshore fans, which greatly shortens the construction period at sea and creates a record of 10 units assembled on the cargo ship and 8 units hoisted at sea in one month.

It is the first time in the world to use high pile cap foundation design, which effectively solves the technical problems of bearing capacity, pulling resistance and horizontal displacement of towering fan.

Donghai Bridge
Donghai Bridge


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