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Three Phase String Inverter-EOPO-30K/40K/50K/60K


1.4 sets of independent MPPT trackers,Max.efficiency up to 98.5%

2.Zero export application,VSG application

3.String intelligent monitoring(optional)

4.Wide output voltage range

5.Anti-PID function (Optional)

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What is a solar inverter

Inverters, also known as power conditioners and power regulators, are an essential part of a photovoltaic system. The main function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC power for home appliances, and all the power generated by the solar panels has to be processed by the inverter before it can be output to the outside world.

Inverter application range

Mainly used for household solar power generation,electrical appliances that drive household small power loads,etc.

Solar inverter
Solar inverter


1.4 sets of independent MPPT trackers,Max.efficiency up to 98.5%

2.Zero export application,VSG application

3.String intelligent monitoring(optional)

4.Wide output voltage range

5.Anti-PID function (Optional)

solar inverter
solar inverter

Product Details

Модель EOPO-30K EOPO-40K EOPO-50K EOPO-60K
Input Side
Max DC Input power(kw) 39 52 65 78
Max DC Input  voltage(V) 1000
Start-up DC Input Voltage(V) 250
Max.power operating range(V) 200-850
Max DC input current 40+40 40+40+40 40+40+40+40
Max DC short circuit current(A) 60+60 60+60+60 60+60+60+60
No.of MPPT Trackers 2 3 4
No.of strings per MPPT Trackers 3
Output Side
Rated output power(kw) 30 40 50 60
Max.active power(kw) 33 44 55 66
Nominal output voltage/range(V) 3L/N/PE 220/380V,230/400V
Rated grid frequency(Hz) Optional
Grid type Three phase
Rated AC Output current(A) 45.5 60.3 75.8 90.9
Max.AC Output current(A) 50 66.7 83.3 100
Output power factor 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
THDi <3%
DC injection current(mA) <0.5%
Grid frequency range 47-52 or 57-62(Optional)
Max.Efficiency 98.5%
Euro Efficiency 98%
MPPT Efficiency 99%(Max)
DC Reverse-polar Protection Yes
AC short circuit Protection Yes
AC output overcurrent Protection Yes
Output overvoltage Protection Yes
Insulation resistance Protection Yes
Ground fault monitoring Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
Temperature Protection Yes
Integrated DC switch Yes
Remote software upload Yes
Remote change of operating parameters Yes
Surge Protection DC TypeII/AC TypeII
General Data
Size(mm) 650W*540H*305D
Weight(kg) 45
Type of Transformer Transformerless
Internal Consumption 10W(Night)
Running Temperature -25-65°C,>45°C derating
Ingress Protection IP65
Noise index(dB) <50dB
Cooling Mode Smart cooling
Max.operating altitude without derating 2000m
Grid connection standard VDE4105.,AS4777.2,CEI021,EN50549-1,G98,G99,C10-11
Operating surroundings humidity 0-100%
Safety/EMS Standard IEC/EN61000-6-1/2/3/4,IEC/EN62109-1,IEC/EN62109-2
PV input terminal MC-4 mateable
AC output terminal IP65
Display LCD240*160
Interface RS485/RS232/WIFI/CAN


Anygap New Energy Co., Ltd. (“Anygap”) is a world leader in the development of inverter and battery system solutions with over 50 GW installed worldwide by 2021. Anygap is a global leader in energy storage solutions with a wide range of products and solutions for commercial, residential, and utility-scale PV systems, energy storage systems, battery modules, mobile power stations, electric vehicle chargers, and smart energy management solutions. Its mission is to become the world’s leading battery storage provider. The company has a strong team in R&D dedicated to technology and product innovation. The R&D team, led by Mr. Li, a former General Manager at ZTE Telecom Power Supply and Photovoltaic Products and a new energy expert from Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee, is conducting research and development. The company has set up some laboratory institutes in Shenzhen, Japan, and other locations.

Anygap offers comprehensive and professional support in the areas of solar PV, battery storage, and smart energy management technology. Shenzhen, China houses Anygap advanced manufacturing plant and battery supply partnership. Anygap has the largest R&D team in the solar inverter industry dedicated to developing PV inverters in addition to a comprehensive line of PV inverters and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications as well as internationally renowned floating PV system solutions. Over 150 countries have Anygap PV products installed as a result of their 24-year history in the field.

Successful Cases

300MW ,SOLAR PLANTS was installed at Tokyo, Japan

Big FARM installed thousands of high quality 550w monocrystalline PV modules composition and mounting system with high efficiency conversion, equipped with 25% energy storage, in a 300MW solar power plant in Tokyo, Japan.

40kw,Rotterdam Netherland

40kw,Rotterdam eight EOP 5000 inverters track the max convert Transformation are chosen by a household in Rotterdam,Netherland for their roof pv panels with off-grid residential storage inverters system. Anygap EOP PV inverters and battery EHB48100PB for residential solar plants.


10 EGS was choosen by industrial park in Karachi ,Pakistan for commercial solar plants,EGS Series-30KW 20KW 15KW Commercial Storage System

500MW, Capital , Myanmar

500MW Government solar plants was installed by Anygap solar plants sytem with 10% batteries with integrated technology 40foot container system of 1.75MWh batteries as backup

Successful Cases
Successful Cases

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