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Серия тонких каркасных панелей 100-180 Вт

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Boland также занимается инвестициями, приобретением и эксплуатацией ветряных, фотоэлектрических и гидроэлектростанций.


Серия тонких каркасных панелей 100-180 Вт


Thin panel is under the circumstance that ensure the mechanical strength , can be the lightest and thinnest, convenient to carry. Normally apply to the special occasions, such as Equipment or

outdoor tools etc.

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Серия тонких каркасных панелей 100-180 Вт


Can be used by tourist, army outdoor, charge portable

and movable batteries, easy to take, save volume and supply more power.

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A household distributed photovoltaic (PV) power generation system is a PV power generation project that is located on the customer's side, uses the generated energy locally, connects to the grid at 220/380 V, and has a total installed capacity of no more than 50 kW. The solution can be used on the sunny side of buildings such as urban high-rise and multi-storey houses, single-family houses, rural houses, carports or farms.

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Серия тонких каркасных панелей 100-180 Вт

Shenzhen Boland Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd is a new energy and power company that combines wind power, solar power and storage batteries to provide you with high quality integrated wind and storage system solutions. Boland is the overseas division of CRRC,CRRC is a Chinese central company contracted to work on China's high-speed rail projects, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.



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