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Francis Turbine Of Boland Factory

1.Stable poeration,high efficiency

2.Micro units also provided

3.the most comomon used turbine

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Product Details

Francis turbine of Boland factory's characteristics

1.The features of Francis turbine is simple structure and reliable operation; high efficiency, suitable for water head of 10 m-300m , which is currently one of the mostly widely used;

2. When the water flows through this kind of turbine working wheel, it enters and leaves in the radial direction, so it is also called the radial axial flow turbine;

3. Mixed hydro turbine, also known as Francis turbine,water flow from the surrounding radial flow into the runner, and then approximately axial flow out of the runner, the runner is composed of the upper crown, lower ring and blade;

4.Single output from dozens of kilowatts to hundreds of thousands of kilowatts.At present, the maximum output of this kind of turbine has exceeded 700,000 kilowatts.lt is one of the most widely used water turbine.

Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine

Boland factory's strength

Boland has rich experience in manufacturing more than 200 model hydro turbines, mainly including 5 

catalogues of Pelton, Turgo, Francis, Tubular and Kaplan. Capacity for Single unit is from 50KW to 50MW. Boland 

Hydro turbine units have been installed at over 1000 places in China and more than 20 oversea places, such as Indonesia, India, Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam, Burma, Malaysia and Philippines.

Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine

Francis turbine of Boland factory's After-sale Service

Perfect After-sale Service ,We take after-sale service seriously. "Making customers 100% satisfied " is our permanentgoal.

1.We have professional technical team support to offer daily technical consulting,designing schemes,precise installation drawings and other relevant files

2.Technical group will be dispatched to accomplish the installation,commissioning,maintenance and refurbishment of hydropower devices responsibily.

3.Cooperating with local machinary plant to manufacture equipment components,we can solve the corresponding problems promptly.

4.We also collaborate with local agency and engineering group to provide our customers with timely and efficient services.

5.Record system is used to monitor the service condition of customers' hydropower devices and follow the newestoroblems momentarily


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