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Hydro Turbine:Boland's Most Efficient 1.2MW Francis Turbine

Boland's most efficient 1.2MW francis turbine's characteristics

1.Design head:15-70m

2.Design discharge:2m³ /s-10m³ /s

3.Rated output:1MW-1.3MW

4.Design point efficiency:89%-93%

5.Rated speed:1000r/min

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Boland's most efficient 1.2MW francis turbine's Features

The process of hydroelectric power generation is in fact a process of energy conversion.

The flow of water in a river contains huge amounts of energy, and the exploitation of natural water energy into electricity is called hydropower. The two basic elements that make up hydroelectric energy are flow and drop.

Boland's most efficient 1.2MW francis turbine's Advantages

Hydroelectricity is a clean energy source that converts water energy into electricity without wasting resources and meets the human need for electrical energy.

And Boland's most efficient 1.2MW francis turbine keep up with the demands of innovation, achieving efficiencies of over 90% compared to conventional turbines.Some turbines can even generate up to 7,000 hours of electricity per year.

Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine

Boland's factory strength

1.manufacture plant and Chinese Top8 engineer team. Welcome to visit our factory。

2.Provide best design, best efficiency of runner, the most cost-effective model.

3.Provide safe, professional and perfect construction work.

4.Provide production and installation needed for hydropower plants.

5.On the basis of not changing the installation size and the original plant as far as possible, we choose the advanced full model and horizontal two fulcrum structures to expand the capacity

6.Provide customers with professional services and training, including installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, overhauling and removal & mapping for the maintenance unit.

Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine
Francis Turbine

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