Kaplan Turbine of Internal Adjustment

Kaplan turbine of internal adjustment is widely used in hydropower stations with the head of 2-40m

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Kaplan turbine of internal adjustment is widely used in hydropower stations with the head of 2-40m.It is equipped with a vertical axle.It is suitable for low head and high flow applications,which is an evolution of Francis turbine.The opening of guide vanes can be operated internally,and it has simple structure and cheap price,There are three different types of this kind in which there is an open trough or a pressure trough, or concrete volute .

The main components of a Kaplan turbine are:

1.Scroll Casing

2.Guide Vanes and Guidi

Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine

ng Mechanism

3.Runner, Runner Blades, and Guide Vanes

4.Draft Tube

The draft tubes can be divided into straight cone and elbow cone,and the connection methods between hydro turbine and generator are elastic direct connection(connected via elastic rubber rings) and rigid connection(the flange of main shaft is connected with fasteners like bolts),the generator will bear hydraulic thrust, and has gear increaser and belt drive.The governor used can be manual,manual and electric,or micro.

Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine

Kaplan turbine can also be divided as fixed-blade propeller type and movable-blade propeller type .Movable blades can help to realize great efficiency at wide range of head and water flow.The water pipe at the end is vertical cone-shaped or elbow-shaped. Therefore,Kaplan turbine is fit for a small hydro power station with low head and load.

Kaplan turbine features merits as below:

1.The number of blades it’s equipped with is less.

2.It requires less space.

3.It has adjustable runner blades.

4.It can work at low head.

Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine


Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine


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