Boland's Hydro Turbine 100KW-500KW Water Wheel Pumps

Rated power:100KW-500KW
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The water turbine pump consists of two parts: the water turbine and the pump. The runner of the turbine and the impeller of the pump are mounted on the same shaft. When the water flows downwards, it impacts the turbine and makes the main shaft drive the impeller of the pump to rotate together, thus achieving the purpose of lifting water.

Water turbine pumps are simple in structure, easy to manufacture and maintain, safe and reliable in operation, and easy to use in an integrated manner. It is used for irrigation of farmland, power generation and water supply in mountainous areas. Where there is a drop in the water level in mountain streams, rivers, dams or channel drops, etc. can be used. Its most outstanding feature is that it does not require electromechanical power to lift water.

Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine

The main features of the water turbine pump are

(1) The water turbine is coaxial with the pump, and the two parts of power and pumping are combined into one, so there is no need for transmission equipment and water filling equipment.

(2) The axial force of the turbine and the pump are in opposite directions, and most of them cancel each other out, so there is no need for axial force balancing devices.

(3) In mountainous and hilly areas with abundant water energy resources, simple engineering can be used to obtain sufficient water head and flow.


Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine

Composition of Water wheel pumps

The water turbine pump is composed of a coaxial turbine and a water pump. The turbine part has the main components such as water guide, rotor and main shaft. The water pump part has impellers, pump casing, pump cover and water inlet filter grille and other major components. The water pump is installed on top of the water guide. Depending on the pumping head, the pump impeller can be axial flow, mixed flow or centrifugal type.

Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine

Scope of application of water wheel pump

Water turbine pumps require a certain working head and sufficient working flow, so they can be used in mountainous areas where the slope of the river is steep, at the drop of large channels, at the mouth of reservoirs or on rivers with tides in coastal areas, to carry water for irrigation or for power generation.

There are occasions where water wheel pumps can be installed through engineering measures. For example, where the river channel is curved or steep, the water wheel pump can be installed by excavating the ice channel. When the bottom slope of the river is gentle, a barrage can be built in the middle of the river to raise the water level and obtain sufficient working head.

Hydro Turbine
Hydro Turbine

Boland is a hydropower equipment company with 60 years of experience that can contract hydropower EM and EPC projects. Boland has one of the top 8 engineering design teams in China.We can provide you with expert technical advice and solution regarding hydroelectric power plant. And we have teamed up with China CRRC. All of China's high-speed rail projects are built by CRRC.

Boland's units have been installed in more than 1000 locations in China and in more than 20 countries abroad, such as Indonesia, Brazil, Cuba, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines.


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