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Boland PV Panel DeepBlue 4.0 X

Boland Solar Panel DeepBlue 4.0X Series  

 DeepBlue 4.0 X modules are based on the most recognized 182-size wafers in the market and the most mature industry chain, including 54, 72 and 78 versions, of which the 54 version is suitable for the household distribution market, and the 72 and 78 versions are suitable for large industrial and commercial and ground power plants, covering the needs of various application scenarios in the global market. At present, the product has passed the third-party testing and certification agency TÜV SÜD, and obtained IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 product certification, and has passed the third-party salt spray, ammonia, sand and dust testing, suitable for various application environments.

DeepBlue 4.0 X modules adopt high-efficiency n-type Bycium+ cell technology with mass production efficiency up to 24.8% or more, and integrate Jasolar self-developed high-density module packaging technology - Zero Pitch Flexible Interconnect (GFI) technology, "round welding tape and special buffer design The "round welding tape and special buffer design" can cope with the mechanical stress at the cell connection, perfectly achieving "zero pitch without hidden cracks", ensuring reliable and stable products, and significantly improving the module photoelectric conversion efficiency, with the maximum power of 78 version modules reaching 625W and 22.4% efficiency.

DeepBlue 4.0 X modules have excellent power decay performance, high temperature power generation performance, bifacial power generation performance and low irradiation power generation performance, ensuring efficient and stable power generation. Jasolar and TÜV Nordic's one-year test at the national outdoor PV demonstration base in Yinchuan showed that the n-type modules based on Bycium+ cell technology generate 3.9% more power per watt than p-type modules. Compared with mainstream p-type modules, DeepBlue 4.0 X modules can reduce BOS cost by up to 2.1% and LCOE by up to 4.6%

                                         Here Are All Informations You Care About Solar Power Project

                                                                           Take a look at products description below.If you still have question,feel free to contact us email or whatsapp.

Why Boland Is Your Best Manufacturer Of PV Panel?

1.Professional engineering team
2.Product-based, involving rooftop PV and PV power plants, with senior EPC qualification
3.High quality products and product innovation technology
4.Global presence in major PV markets, able to provide comprehensive, efficient and high quality services to customers worldwide
5.First-class warranty: 12-year product material and process warranty; 25-year linear power output warranty
6.High maturity of production equipment industry chain



Model / Electrical reference JAM54D40-430/GB JAM54D40-435/GB JAM54D40-570/GB JAM54D40-575/GB JAM54D40-620/GB JAM54D40-625/GB
Pmax(W) 430 435 570 575 620 625
Vmpp(V) 32.21 32.42 42.70 42.85 46.20 46.37
Impp(A) 13.35 13.42 13.35 13.42 13.42 13.48
Voc 38.32 38.45 51.00 51.15 55.34 55.49
Isc 14.23 14.30 14.23 14.30 14.30 14.36
Module efficiency 22.0% 22.3% 22.1% 22.3% 22.2% 22.4%
α-Isc +0.046%/℃
β-Voc -0.260%/℃
γ-Pmp -0.300%/℃
 Modules Size 1722mm*1134mm*30mm 2278mm*1134mm*30mm 2465mm*1134mm*35mm
Weight 21.5kg 31.8kg 34.6kg
Warranty 1% attenuation in the first year, 0.4%/year linearly over 30 years


Why Solar Energy Is Clean Energy?

Solar energy, in general, refers to the radiant energy of sunlight, and solar power is the direct conversion of solar radiant energy to photothermal, photovoltaic and photochemical. Solar energy as a clean energy source has the following advantages.
(1) Universal: the sun's rays shine on the earth, there is no geographical limitation whether on land or sea, whether mountains or islands, are everywhere, can be directly developed and used, and no mining and transportation.
(2) Harmless: the development and use of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is one of the cleanest energy sources, which is extremely valuable in today's increasingly serious environmental pollution.
(3) Huge: The annual solar radiation energy reaching the earth's surface is equivalent to about 130 trillion tons of coal, the total amount of which is the largest energy source that can be developed in the world today.
(4) Long-lasting: According to the current rate of nuclear energy generated by the sun, it is estimated that the storage of hydrogen is enough to maintain tens of billions of years, and the life span of the earth is also about billions of years, in this sense, it can be said that the energy of the sun is inexhaustible.

solar panel
solar panel

What's Conditions For Solar Power Farm And How We Recover It?

Conditions for building solar power stations.
1.Light and heat conditions, long daytime, sufficient amount of sunshine, no long-term cloudy days, rain and snow, the sun should be hot and strong
2.Complete supporting facilities, convenient transportation, close to substations, reduce transmission costs, in order to achieve grid-connected power generation, easy to install and maintain
3.Flat and open terrain, large plain area, such as sandy land, desert, grassland, etc.
4.Sufficient land and low land rent
5.Policy support

How To Get Solar Data And Data Analysis?

1.Solar photovoltaic power resource data, solar radiation data can be obtained from county-level weather stations or from the National Weather Bureau. The data obtained from the meteorological bureau is horizontal radiation data, including: horizontal total radiation, horizontal direct radiation and horizontal scattered radiation. The solar resource data include mainly: total solar radiation (irradiance) by month or monthly daily average of total solar radiation and radiation intensity.
The data of climate conditions related to it mainly include: annual average temperature, annual average maximum temperature, annual average minimum temperature, the longest consecutive cloudy days in a year (including precipitation or snow days), annual average wind speed, annual maximum wind speed, annual number of hailstorms, and annual number of sandstorm days. Among them, the monthly values of total solar radiation are essential. In addition, the cumulative data for the last 5-10 years for each of the above data should be provided to assess the validity of the solar resource count and climate condition data.
2.Assessment of the validity of solar resource data. Solar resource data provided by meteorological stations or related departments are used for PV system design, and their validity still needs to be evaluated in some cases. First, when the solar resource data for a specific site is not complete enough or lacks cumulative data for many years, the validity and quantity of solar radiation must be evaluated.
3.Although the local solar energy data are relatively complete and the solar radiation situation is good, there are topographic features near the candidate site that significantly affect solar radiation because the candidate site is in a hilly area cargo. In this case, the validity of the local solar resource data should be evaluated by studying the average data variation in the neighboring areas around the candidate site.
4.The data obtained from the meteorological department are horizontal plane data, including horizontal plane direct radiation and horizontal plane scattered radiation, so as to obtain the total radiation data on the horizontal plane. However, in the practical application of solar photovoltaic power generation, in order to get more power generation and the need for self-cleaning of the cell modules, the fixed installation square array is usually tilted.
Which requires the calculation of solar radiation on the tilted surface (usually greater than the radiation on the horizontal surface) in order to calculate the data of the whole power station.

Boland service
Customers can provide site coordinates,Boland provides free solar power resource measurement and site resource assessment services to estimate solar farm power generation from site-specific power generation
Specific coordinates can be sent to  or Whatsapp +86 13923745989

What BolandCan Do For Your Solar Energy Power Plant?

Boland’s range of services and cooperation models

EM:  provide solar & wind & energy storage projects equipments
Solar part:we can provide PV panel,inverter
Wind part:we can provide Generator, wind turbine blade, tower barrel, gear box, converter, super capacitor, variable paddle system and other core components, complete machine manufacturing
Energy storage part:we can provide Container ,Battery & BMS System ,PCS System ,EMS Management System ,Fire control system, temperature control system, access control and lighting system

EPC service:  EPC contractor solar & wind & energy storage project.
Boland have senior EPC qualification, undertake the design, procurement, construction and commissioning services of the project, and be fully responsible for the quality, safety, schedule and cost of the contracted works.

Financial cooperation: O&M power plants,financing,acquisitions.
Boland For project cooperation can do operation and maintenance service .Investing in the project and taking a major stake or acquiring the entire project.

solar panel

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solar panel

About Boland DeepBlue 4.0 X Series 

1) Four major technical advantages
1.Low attenuation
P-type cells use boron-doped silicon substrates, which are easy to form boron-oxygen pairs after the initial light, and trap electrons in the silicon substrate to form compound centers, thus leading to power attenuation. Currently, conventional PERC double-glass modules, the first year attenuation 2%, annual attenuation 0.45%.
The n-type cell is phosphorus-doped in the silicon substrate, without the loss of boron-oxygen pairs to form the compound center, making the cell attenuation coefficient greatly reduced. According to the data given in JA's new product launch, n-type modules have 1% first-year attenuation and 0.4% annual attenuation rate, with a 30-year linear power warranty. Low attenuation characteristics can DeepBlue 4.0 X full life cycle of 30 years of power generation gain of up to 1.8%.
2.Low temperature coefficient
The efficiency of PV module is closely related to the temperature coefficient, generally speaking, the temperature increases, the power of PV module decreases, and the power generation efficiency decreases. Compared to p-type modules temperature coefficient -0.35%/°C, n-type temperature coefficient is -0.30%/°C, which means that under high temperature environment, n-type modules are more capable of generating electricity.
In addition, there are certain differences in the operating temperatures of different types of modules. JA Technology and TÜV North Germany have verified that n-type modules operate at about 1°C lower than p-type PERC modules on typical sunny days through one-year data monitoring at the CPVT Yinchuan National Photovoltaic Outdoor Demonstration Base.Combined with the excellent temperature coefficient and lower operating temperature, the power generation of n-type modules is about 2% higher than that of p-type PERC.
3.High bifacial rate
Compared with single-sided components, double-sided components generate electricity on both sides, which improves the power generation efficiency of the components, which is especially important in the era of grid parity. Currently, the PERC module bifacial rate is 70%, while the n-type bifacial rate can reach 80%. Higher bifacial rate means higher power generation. Theoretically, combined with PV SYST simulation analysis, the difference in bifacial rate brings about n-type gain of power generation on the back side of the module at about 0.9%, of course, the ground reflectivity is different, the project installation form is different, the gain will be different.
4.Excellent low light power generation performance
Bycium+ type cells have excellent internal resistance design and have higher less sub-life, so DeepBlue has better response to low light (in irradiance 600W/㎡ and below compared to PERC modules higher power generation), measured, DeepBlue 4.0 X morning and evening low light power generation integrated gain of about 0.2%.Solar Panel DeepBlue 4.0X Series

Solar Panel DeepBlue 4.0X Series2)Solar Power Farm Feasibility Report Study And Solar Panel Design Proposal
Boland can assist in producing feasibility reports and project design proposals,
Customers need to provide the following information:
1.project name and capacity coordinates
3.topographic map exploration report
5.Substation access point distance(feed-in tariff and figure out the local substation load margin)
3)PV Panel Installation And Commissioning Service
Boland provides installation and commissioning services, after the purchase of the pv panel we will have a professional team to guide the installation.


DeepBlue 4.0 X Series Application Scenarios

1.Household solar power: (1) small power supply ranging from 10-100W, for remote areas without electricity such as plateaus, islands, pastoral areas, border guard posts and other military and civilian life with electricity, such as lighting, TV, recorders, etc.; (2) 3-5KW household rooftop grid-connected power generation system; (3) photovoltaic water pump: to solve the deep well drinking and irrigation in areas without electricity.
2.Transportation field such as beacon light, traffic/railway signal light, traffic warning/sign light, Yuxiang street light, high altitude obstacle light, highway/railway wireless telephone booth, unattended road shift power supply, etc.
3.Communication/communication field: solar unattended microwave relay station, fiber optic cable maintenance station, broadcasting/communication/paging power supply system; rural carrier phone PV system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc.
4.Oil, marine and meteorological fields: solar power supply system for cathodic protection of oil pipelines and reservoir gates, life and emergency power supply for oil drilling platforms, marine detection equipment, meteorological/hydrological observation equipment, etc.
5.Home lighting power supply: such as garden lights, street lights, portable lights, camping lights, hiking lights, fishing lights, black lights, rubber cutting lights, energy-saving lamps, etc.
6.Photovoltaic power station: 10KW-50MW independent photovoltaic power station, scenery (firewood) complementary power station, a variety of large parking plant charging station, etc.
7.Solar architecture combines solar power generation with building materials, making the future of large buildings to achieve power self-sufficiency, is a major future development direction.
8.Other areas include: (1) and automotive supporting: solar cars / electric vehicles, battery charging equipment, automotive air conditioning, ventilation fans, cold drink boxes, etc.; (2) solar hydrogen plus fuel cells regenerative power generation system; (3) seawater desalination equipment power supply; (4) satellites, spacecraft, space solar power plants, etc.


How To Work With Boland/Jasolar To Build One Solar Power Farm?

Solar power projects in various stages of cooperation

Pre-stage: Boland/Jasolar provide solar resource assessment and preliminary work support , customer prepare pre-approval work, PPA(Power Purchase Agreement), PDL (project development license) ect.

Mid-term: power plant construction, provision of EPC services.

Late stage: operation and maintenance.

Boland/CRRC usually contract for cooperation in the mid-term part, prepare the pre-approval work, and we can assist in the work with the pre-approval information.

solar panel
solar panel

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Boland Renewable Energy Co.,LTD As an integrated new energy power company, providing youwith high quality integrated wind energy , solar energy and energy storage system solutions.Boland is now a subsidiary of CRRC, and is responsible for the overseas expansion of CRRC's wind power & solar power business. We have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.

Boland Provide power plant EPC,Power plant investment and acquisition.

Please feel free contact us if you need any technical support.Cheers for our cooperation!



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