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Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland

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Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland

Boland also provides investment, acquisition and operation of wind power plants and photovoltaic power stations and hydro power plants.


Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland


Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that uses the photovoltaic effect at the semiconductor interface to convert light energy directly into electricity. The main core component of photovoltaic power generation is the solar cell, and other components include battery packs, controllers and other components. The solar cell reserves the sunlight and then, through a series of technical operations, converts the sunlight into electricity.One of the products that utilise this principle is Boland Most Popular Solar PCB Panel.

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Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland' advantages

1. 3.2mm thickness tempered glass integrated in according to IEC617302.
 2.The professional design in waterproof. resist of windstorm & hail.
Low voltages and fireproof materials can prevent any possibility of fire.
Color can be white/transparent/black/tawny.

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Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland's Introduction

Solar tile is a new-style and high-end building materials, combinate the function of traditional tile and solar PV, it can install on roof directly, match the building perfect. The life span can reach 30 years, and high efficiency, good thermal insulation. The mainstream production is Hanergy Solar Tile.

Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland's Application

Solar tiles are applicable to newly built or rebuilt houses (villas, new rural areas), public houses (schools, hospitals, grain depot, high-way service area), etc.

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Solar Tile ST55M6-20C of Boland' Technical specifications

Solar Tile ST55M6 20C Technical specifications



Boland is a new energy and power company that combines hydro power,  wind power, solar power and storage batteries to provide you with high quality integrated wind &solar and storage system solutions. Boland is the overseas division of CRRC,CRRC is a Chinese central company contracted to work on China's high-speed rail projects, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.

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