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Get to know China's wind farms ------ Shandong Offshore Wind Power Base


Shandong offshore wind power base is the Shandong Electric Power Group in Yantai, Binzhou, Rizhao and other places to build eight 220 kilovolt wind power pool station. At the end of the "12th Five-Year Plan", the total installed capacity of wind power in Shandong province should reach more than 8 million kilowatts, and reach 15 million kilowatts at the end of the "13th Five-Year Plan".

shandong offshore wind power base
shandong offshore wind power base

Among them, the planning and construction of offshore 10 million kilowatts of wind power base is an important future deployment, to 2030 will be the year the development and construction of northern Lu, Laizhou Bay, Bozhong, Changdao, Peninsula North, Peninsula South 6 million kilowatts of offshore wind power base, planning a total capacity of 12.55 million kilowatts, to 2015 strive to reach 2 million kilowatts, 6 million kilowatts in 2020.


Shandong, one of the richest regions in China in terms of wind energy resources, has a total of 67 million KW of wind energy resources, mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of the peninsula, islands and flat areas with high altitude in the mountains. The Shandong Peninsula, surrounded by sea on three sides, has the basic conditions for building large wind power farms in its natural environment. Shandong's offshore wind energy reserves are larger than land, with high wind speed, less static wind periods, and higher wind power efficiency.

shandong offshore wind power base
shandong offshore wind power base

Shandong is located in the East Asian monsoon region, under the combined influence of monsoon and geographical environment, the seasonal change of prevailing wind direction has the regularity of monsoon circulation and the characteristics of local wind. In winter, controlled by the Mongolian cold high pressure, most of the region prevails northerly winds; in spring, the Mongolian cold high pressure weakens and begins to prevail southerly winds; in summer, controlled by the continental thermal low pressure, most of the region prevails south to southeastern winds; in autumn, the Mongolian high pressure rapidly advances southward, the summer winds withdraw and gradually change from summer winds to winter winds.

shandong offshore wind power base
shandong offshore wind power base

The change of wind direction is greatly influenced by the topography and geographical location, and it is often expressed as local wind, so that the wind direction changes regularly in the middle of a bite.



(1) Community : The impact of offshore wind power on the community mainly includes people's basic life as well as population, employment, transportation and other aspects. Offshore wind power utilization can promote social employment, save a lot of energy, and can bring a great impact on community life.

(2) Energy structure: The biggest advantage of the implementation of offshore wind power projects is the ability to change the structure of energy use. With the depletion of non-renewable resources on earth, the development and use of new energy sources is urgent. The rational use of offshore wind power can bring better social benefits.

shandong offshore wind power base
shandong offshore wind power base

(3) Atmospheric environmental : the past energy combustion and other industries will be a large amount of waste, resulting in serious atmospheric pollution, especially in China, fog weather is very serious, China is a large energy-consuming countries, if you can reasonably use clean energy, for the improvement of the atmosphere has an important role to play. Therefore, it is important to analyze the impact of seawater wind power utilization on atmospheric factors.

(4) Ecological environment : reduce carbon emissions, low-carbon environmental protection, strengthen ecological environmental protection, the impact on the ecological environment is great.

shandong offshore wind power base
shandong offshore wind power base

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