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Standard Panel power is between 200~380W,more suitable apply in large areas

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Boland also provides investment, acquisition and operation of wind power plants and photovoltaic power stations and hydro power plants.



Standard panel power is between 200~380W, normally series connect full cells, 60pcs cells and 72pcs cells, and get the highest power, it will save more cost and spaces, can use the sunlight resource effectively.

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Normally used in large-scale solar farm, industrial and residential solar system projects, more suitable apply in large areas.

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Solar power

As the name implies, PV carports combine PV modules and carport roofs, which can be installed on the original carport roof or directly as a carport roof. PV carports have become very popular abroad and are now being promoted in China, for example in factory parks, commercial areas, hospitals, schools and other places.

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Shenzhen Boland Renewable Energy Co.,Ltd is a new energy and power company that combines wind power, solar power and storage batteries to provide you with high quality integrated wind and storage system solutions. Boland is the overseas division of CRRC,CRRC is a Chinese central company contracted to work on China's high-speed rail projects, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.

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