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Scope of work of wind turbine technician

The main job of a wind turbine technician is to maintain and operate wind power equipment, which includes wind turbine blades, blades and nacelles, as well as wind turbine generators and other ancillary equipment. Their work includes: installation, maintenance and inspection of wind power equipment; Solve mechanical and electrical problems; Check the wind turbine blades and blades regularly to ensure that they are in good condition;

Record power generation and system operating time; Inspect and maintain wind turbine generators and other equipment; Inspect and maintain control and protection systems; Regular inspection of power plants to ensure safe operation; Analyze data from wind turbine generators and other equipment to improve power generation efficiency; Instruct other wind turbine  technicians and assist in installing new wind generation equipment.

wind turbine technicians
wind turbine technicians

The main part of the wind turbines.

Engine room: accommodates gearbox and generator.

Hub: The wind turbine blades are bolted into it and can be angled and attached to the rotor.

Wind turbine blades: Captures the wind to drive the rotor movement.

Land-based tower: Houses the wind turbine controller, power cable, divided into multiple parts and bolted together.

Marine towers: identical to land-based towers, but with a more complex infrastructure.

What happens if a wind turbines is poorly maintained?

When components of wind turbine generators fail, it can lead to unplanned downtime, which for operators means unplanned maintenance and repairs at higher expense, potentially voiding the manufacturer's warranty and failing to meet peak electricity demand, resulting in lost revenue. In addition, repairs or replacement of large components often require expensive rental of cranes and other equipment. In extreme cases, wind turbine generators can catch fire, with catastrophic consequences.

Whats wind turbine technician do?

Wind turbines maintenance activities are extensive and technicians work through a detailed checklist. In general, the work to be carried out will include:
1.Check electrical cabinet, gear box, generator, yaw system and brake
2.Evaluate the wind turbine bladesand blade Angle
3.Check and tighten the bolts
4.Check the tower
5.Calibrate the oil and lubrication levels, sample, and replace the drive system if necessary
6.Evaluate the cabin
7.Check ventilation, air filters and shock absorbers
8.Repair cracks and corrosion
9.Check bearings and connections
10.Wind turbinesbolt check

One of the most important routine maintenance activities is torque checking of bolts. Wind turbines are assembled using up to 25,000 bolts. They are used throughout the unit for the base, tower segment, cabin interior and to attach the wind turbine blades to the hub.

wind turbine technicians
wind turbine technicians

The operation of wind farms mainly includes the operation of power transmission and transformation equipment, wind turbine generators and other related equipment.

1.Main work contents of power transmission and transformation equipment operation

(1) Operation status monitoring

All running states of power transmission and transformation equipment are presented by the power transformation monitoring computer. Wind turbine technicians need to monitor the running parameters and running states of these equipment, find anomalies, deal with them in time, and make good records.

(2) Operation

Switching operation of electrical equipment is a major task of the wind turbine technicians. In addition, the regular switching test, regular inspection, parameter adjustment and change of the equipment, including the regulation of system voltage and power, all belong to the scope of operation and operation.

(3) Inspection

Wind turbine technicians need to inspect the electrical equipment regularly to observe whether there are abnormal phenomena in the operation of the equipment, such as abnormal odor and abnormal light, and determine the health status of the equipment. If you cannot determine the health status, consult the manufacturer or relevant experts.

(4) Identify and handle common faults

Wind turbine technicians must master common troubleshooting methods, such as DC system grounding fault finding, small current grounding system single grounding fault finding, equipment defect identification and search

2.Main work contents of wind turbinetechnician

The daily operation of the wind turbine technician mainly includes monitoring the parameter changes and operation status of the wind turbines through the monitoring computer in the central control room, and filling in the wind farm operation diary as required. When abnormal phenomena are found, the operating status of the unit shall be continuously monitored, and corresponding measures shall be taken according to the actual situation.

When encountering routine faults, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time, and the corresponding fault handling records and quality records should be made in the operation diary. For unconventional failures, the relevant departments should be notified in time and actively cooperate with them; Regular inspection, maintenance and management of buildings and auxiliary living facilities in the wind farm; Timely record the original records of the production facilities in the wind farm, and do a good job of drawing and data management.

wind turbine technicians
wind turbine technicians

3.Other operation contents of wind farm

(1) Learn and implement the site operation procedures and various rules and regulations, and take the initiative to complete the assigned tasks.

(2) Timely, accurately and comprehensively fill in the operation report, record, operation diary, maintenance technical record and equipment ledger.

(3) Monitoring center on-site monitoring, monitoring the normal operation of equipment, master the operation mode and the operation of wind turbines. Conduct ticket writing or checking, operation monitoring or switching operation.

(4) Before shift, be responsible for the inventory and sorting of safety appliances, tools, instruments, spare parts, fire fighting appliances, keys and various records.

(5) Daily report, monthly report, benchmarking analysis, find out the reasons for problems, formulate measures, and constantly improve the utilization rate of equipment.

(6) Timely processing of abnormal phenomena and equipment defects that affect the safe and economic operation of the equipment.

(7) Responsible for the statistics of the monthly equipment defects of the wind farm, focused on the analysis of the causes of frequent defects, and put forward rectification suggestions.

(8) Prepare annual and monthly wind farm safety and professional technical training plans for wind farms and annual equipment maintenance plans for wind farms, strengthen on-site technical training for wind farm employees, and regularly organize employees to carry out quarterly safety and professional technical theoretical examinations.

(9) Do a good job in the management of the wind farm warehouse, do a good job in accordance with the account card, orderly discharge, and do a good job in the exit and storage procedures of spare parts; It is recommended to scan the software, record the inventory list of this month, and purchase accessories in a timely manner.

(10) Report monthly wind farm reports, benchmark analysis, two-vote statistical analysis, monthly work summary and monthly defect report.

(11) Timely report, organize and analyze the unsafe incidents in the production site, and study and deal with the solutions, and record them.

(12) Organize various production meetings and training exchange activities, record and summarize the operation and maintenance work, and make the operation and maintenance professional.

wind turbine technicians
wind turbine technicians

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