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нестандартная панель обычно солнечная энергия 5 ~ 200 Вт

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Boland также занимается инвестициями, приобретением и эксплуатацией ветряных, фотоэлектрических и гидроэлектростанций.


non-standard panel normally Solar power 5~200W 's Введение

Small panel is also named non-standard panel, normally the power is between 5~200W, scribe full cells into small size and series connected to make small panels, current and power are smaller, voltage normally 18Vdc, easy to bring and install.

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non-standard panel normally Solar power 5~200W 's Применение

Small panels can charge 12V battery directly, normally integrate into solar street light, garden light; also, can power the traffic light, emergency light, high-way caution light etc. Special useful at the remote places.

non-standard panel normally Solar power 5~200W 's  Спецификация

Datasheet refer to production brochure

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The electronic display on the side of the intelligent bus stop can show the real-time situation of all the bus routes passing through the stop.

In addition, it is equipped with map navigation, life services and USB charging functions, which greatly solves the problem of mobile phone charging during travel.

The photovoltaic system can be installed on the roof of the platform to provide sufficient power for all the equipment on the platform, making it particularly suitable for use in remote areas.

With the growing number of people and cars in cities, intelligent bus stops are an important part of a smart city's public transport system, as they solve the problem of urban congestion and meet the needs of the travelling public at the same time.

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Boland can contract EM and EPC projects for Photovoltaic power stations, Boland is the overseas division of CRRC,CRRC is a Chinese central company contracted to work on China's high-speed rail projects, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain of CRRC, a service network of CRRC and excellent product quality and technical advantages.

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Моя электронная почта: marketing@boland-hydroturbine.com


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