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Boland Factory Hydro Turbine 160KW Pelton Turbine

Boland factory 160KW Pelton turbine is a small impact turbine. Pelton turbine is a kind of hydraulic prime mover which converts water energy into mechanical energy by drawing free jet with kinetic energy with the help of special water guide mechanism, rushing to the water bucket of the runner, making the runner rotate and work

Product Details

Boland factory 160KW Pelton turbine's product descriptions

Pelton turbine is suitable for high head, small flow power station, it will come from the pressure pipe water, after the nozzle into high-speed jet, tangential impact runner, driving the runner rotation, so as to drive the generator rotor rotation power generation.In the type of pelton turbine, by the working jet and the runner relative position and the work frequency difference, may divide into the cutting impingement turbine, the inclined jet turbine and the cross flow turbine.

Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine

Boland factory 160KW Pelton turbine's characteristics

1.Suitable for high head and small flow Runoff power station with large flow variation;

2.small investment, compact structure;

3.It has a flat change in efficiency and a wide range of operation, even when 15-20% of the load is running, the efficiency will not decline;

4.Suitable for high-head and low-flow power stations in mountainous areas;

5.It has the advantages of simple unit construction, free from cavitation corrosion conditions, large stable operation area and less civil construction investment.

Boland factory 160KW Pelton turbine's success case

Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine

Type: 160KW -Pelton turbine generator unit Capacity: 160KW


Flow: 0.15m VS

The diameter of pipe : 300mm

Location: Guangdong province, China

Using time : over 5 years

Working situation: running normally


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