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Ветрогенератор Boland Best BLWT1500

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Ветрогенератор Boland Best BLWT1500

We're professional boland factory blwt1500 wind turbine generator manufacturers and suppliers in China, specialized in providing high quality products with competitive price. We warmly welcome you to buy boland factory blwt1500 wind turbine generator for sale here from our factory. For quotation, contact us now.

The principle of Boland factory BLWT1500 wind turbine generator:The windmill blades are rotated by the wind, and the speed of rotation is increased by a speed increaser to generate electricity. According to current windmill technology, a breeze speed of approximately three metres per second (the level of breeze) is sufficient to start generating electricity.

Boland factory BLWT1500 wind turbine generator(The WT1500 series double-fed wind turbine) is based on the standard design, according to the complex geographical characteristics of different wind farms, the configuration, functions and parameters of the turbine are customized and deeply optimized, forming a series of models for plateau, plain and low wind speed.


Boland Factory BLWT1500 Wind Turbine Generator
Boland Factory BLWT1500 Wind Turbine Generator

Boland Best BLWT1500 Wind Turbine Generator's Main Performance And Characteristics

Friendly grid design and excellent power generation performance

Excellent power quality and total current harmonic distortion rate of less than 1% under the rated power; Convenient energy management platform, and efficient active power and reactive power regulation ability; Great improvement of power generation performance through the use of blades with excellent aeroperfor- mance and in combination with a number of advanced control technologies.


1500KW 2


Boland Best BLWT1500 Wind Turbine Generator's Compact unit design

Compact doubly-fed water-cooled converter, reasonable nacelle layout and large maintenance space; Small size, light weight and convenient for transportation.

Boland Best BLWT1500 Wind Turbine Generator's Modular design of environmental adaptability

According to the environmental conditions of specific wind farm projects, various modular solutions such as prevention from low temperature, condensation, salt erosion, sandstorm, thunderstorm and ultraviolet radia- tion are configured; The design complies with the requirements of the new IEC standard, and the unit has high safety performance



1500KW 1


Boland Best BLWT1500 wind turbine generator's dynamic power curve

Ветрогенератор Boland Best BLWT1500


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