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Горячая продажа ветряной турбины Boland и CRRC мощностью 3 МВт

Rated power:3000KW

Static designed rated wind speed:9.m/s

Rotor diameter:146m

Please feel free contact me if you are interested.

Моя электронная почта: marketing@boland-hydroturbine.com


Boland также занимается инвестициями, приобретением и эксплуатацией ветряных, фотоэлектрических и гидроэлектростанций.

Boland can contract EM and EPC projects for wind farms, our partner is CRRC who contracted the China High Speed Rail projects, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain of CRRC, a service network of CRRC and excellent product quality and technical advantages.Boland and CRRC's hot selling 3MW wind turbine is one of the highlights of our company。

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Boland and CRRC's hot selling 3MW wind turbine's His characteristics

The WT3000+ (3rd generation) wind turbine series has our custom technologies. Adhering to a design philosophy of high reliability and maintainability, it integrates intelligent manufacturing technology to guarantee security and good electricity generation performance. These wind turbines can be customized according to customer demand and a wind farm's unique conditions. They have strong adaptability to wind farms with different landforms and climates. This enables wind farms to have the lowest COE assuring a high investment return rate.

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Boland and CRRC's hot selling 3MW wind turbine's MAIN PERFORMANCE AND FEATURES

Integrated wind turbine design 

1. Integrated wind turbine design realizes optimal matching of blades and the complete machine.
2. Custom-tailored design based on a wind farm's unique conditions
3. Modularized and split design makes delivery and hoisting convenient and reduces installation costs.

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High-efficiency power generation

1.  Adjustable power of wind turbines
2. Power supply management reduces wind turbine electricity consumption
3. Intelligent control of grid-connection and revolving speed.
4. Dynamic reconfiguration technology guarantees optimal power generation.

High safety system

1.Self-and mutual inspection systems detect potential fault conditions and avoid generating capacity losses.
2.Security system enhances wind turbine generator system and worker security.



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