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Nine Renewable Energy Bases in China


With the increasing demand for energy and environmental protection in the world, the promotion and application of clean energy has become an inevitable trend.

renewable energy bases
renewable energy bases

In the northwest of China, the construction of the world's largest photovoltaic power park, its area and Singapore is about the same size, the average annual power generation of 10000000000 degrees, this is the Qinghai Tara Beach photovoltaic park, in fact, in China's clean energy base is far more than this one, in China there are nine clean energy base are.

renewable energy bases
renewable energy bases

Nine renewable energy bases


1.Songliao renewable energy base
Location: three northeastern provinces (Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin)
Power generation: In recent years, the three northeastern provinces vigorously promote the construction of clean energy, it is expected that by 2025, Jilin alone to reach 30 million kilowatts of new energy installed. By 2030, it will reach more than 60 million kilowatts.

2.Jibei renewable energy base
Location: Hebei
Power generation: It is expected that by 2025, the installed capacity of wind power and photovoltaic power generation will reach 43 million kilowatts and 54 million kilowatts respectively.

3.Yellow River several bends of renewable energy base
Location: Ningxia, Inner Mongolia
Electricity generation: by 2025, Inner Mongolia new energy to become the main energy of the installed power capacity increase, the proportion of new energy installed more than 50%, it is expected that by 2025, only Ningxia new energy power installed in the region strive to reach 40 million kilowatts.

renewable energy bases
renewable energy bases

4.Hexi Corridor renewable energy base
Location: Gansu
Power generation: It is expected that by 2025, the province's installed wind and scenery power to reach more than 50 million kilowatts, renewable energy installation accounted for nearly 65% of the total installed power supply.

5.Yellow River upstream renewable energy base
Location: Qinghai
Electricity generation: built a national clean energy demonstration province, anchored in 2030 the province's wind power, photovoltaic installed capacity of more than 100 million kilowatts, clean energy installed capacity of more than 140 million kilowatts of the goal to serve the country as scheduled to achieve the goal of carbon peak, carbon neutral.

renewable energy bases
renewable energy bases

6.Xinjiang renewable energy base
Location: Xinjiang
Power generation: the construction of a national new energy base, the completion of the east of the new energy base of 10 million kilowatts, promote the construction of Hami North 10 million kilowatts of new energy base and South Xinjiang around the Tarim 10 million kilowatts of clean energy supply security area.

7.Jinsha River upstream renewable energy base
Location: Sichuan
Power generation: is expected to the end of 2025, built photovoltaic, wind power installed capacity of 10 million kilowatts each.

8.Yalong River basin renewable energy base
Location: Guizhou
Electricity generation: expected by 2025, the installed power generation capacity exceeds 100 million kilowatts.

9.Jinsha River downstream renewable energy base
Location: Yunnan
Electricity generation: is expected to 2025, the province's installed power capacity of 130 million kW or so, the proportion of installed green power supply to more than 86%.

renewable energy bases
renewable energy bases


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