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Photovoltaic Power Station-67MW Photovoltaic Power Station in Mafraq Jordan

Project Type:Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Power Plant

Project capacity:67MW

Location:Mafraq Jordan

Building time:2019


Mafraq Photovoltaic Power Station


Project Type:Large-Scale Ground-Mounted Photovoltaic Power Station

Photovoltaic Power Station capacity:67MW

Photovoltaic Power Station Location:Mafraq Jordan

Photovoltaic Power Station Building time:2019


Boland service


Boland can do EM service,wind/energy storage/Photovoltaic Power Station EPC service,wind/energy storage/Photovoltaic Power Station investment and acquisition.

EM:  provide solar & wind & energy storage projects equipments
Solar part:we can provide PV panel,inverter
Wind part:we can provide Generator, wind turbine blade, tower barrel, gear box, converter, super capacitor, variable paddle system and other core components, complete machine manufacturing
Energy storage part:we can provide Container ,Battery & BMS System ,PCS System ,EMS Management System ,Fire control system, temperature control system, access control and lighting system

EPC service:  EPC contractor energy storage & wind & solar pv project.
Boland have senior EPC qualification, EPC Photovoltaic Power Station,wind farm and energy storage project,undertake the design, procurement, construction and commissioning services of the project, and be fully responsible for the quality, safety, schedule and cost of the contracted works.

Financial cooperation: O&M power plants,financing,acquisitions.
Boland For project cooperation can do operation and maintenance service .Investing in the project and taking a major stake or acquiring the entire project.


Plant photos


Mafraq Photovoltaic Power Station
Mafraq Photovoltaic Power Station
Mafraq Photovoltaic Power Station
Mafraq Photovoltaic Power Station
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