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Boland Customised 6KW kaplan hydro turbine

Boland Customised 6KW kaplan hydro turbine generator unit is widely used for low water head such as small river, small dam, etc. The mini axial turbine generator is made by generator and Impeller coaxial.

Product Details

Boland Customised 6KW kaplan hydro turbine generator set refers to the water flow into the runner from the axial direction, along the blade from the axial flow out, the water flow energy into the mechanical energy of the impact turbine mouth, according to whether the runner blade can be rotated and divided into axial flow propeller type and axial flow fixed propeller type.The working head range of axial flow turbine is generally 3-80m.The runner of axial-flow turbine is composed of runner body, blade and discharge cone. The number of blades is less than that of mixed flow turbine. The axis of blade is perpendicular to the axis of turbine.Suitable for medium and low head hydropower station with large flow.At the same head, the specific speed is higher than the Francis turbine.The application head is about 3 to 80m.The flow changes from radial flow to axial flow between the guide vane and the runner, while in the runner area, the flow maintains axial flow.

kaplan turbine
kaplan hydro turbine
kaplan turbine
kaplan hydro turbine

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