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1MW-10MW Kaplan Turbine Of Boland

Rated power:1MW-10MW
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Product Details

1MW-10MW Kaplan Turbine of Boland's Introduction

The most obvious difference between the two structures is the runner, followed by the height of the guide vane. Depending on whether the runner blades can be adjusted during operation, axial flow turbines are divided into two types: Propeller turbine and Kaplan turbine. The axial-flow turbine is used to develop low head (3m-55m) and high flow hydro energy resources. Its specific speed is greater than that of Francis turbines, which are high ratio turbines. Under low head conditions, axial flow turbines have obvious advantages compared to Francis turbines.

Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine

1MW-10MW Kaplan Turbine of Boland's Parameters

Country of origin: China

Brand: Boland

Warranty: 1 year

Certification: ISO

Power: 1MW - 10MW

Voltage: 400V/619V/3300V/3600V/6300V

Can be customised

Water head:Custom made

Flow Rate:Custom made

Logo can be customised

Packaging can be customized

Capacity customisation

Pattern can be customized

Kaplan Turbine
Kaplan Turbine

1MW-10MW Kaplan Turbine of Boland's servicesRange 

1.Provide best design, best efficiency ofrunner, the most cost-effective model

2.Provide safe, professional and perfect construction work.

3.Provide production and installation needed for hydropower plants

4.On the basis of not changing the installation size and the original plant as far as possible, we choose the advanced full model and horizontal two fulcrum structures to expand the capacity.

5.Provide customers with professional services and training, including installation, commissioning,

operation, maintenance, overhauling and removal & mapping for the maintenance unit

1MW-10MW Kaplan Turbine of Boland's excellent after-sales service

1.We have professional technical team support to offer daily technical consulting,designing schemes,precise installation drawings and other relevant files.

2.Technical group will be dispatched to accomplish the installation,commissioning,maintenance and refurbishment of hydropower  devices responsibily.

3.Cooperating with local machinary plant to manufacture equipment components,we can solve the corresponding problems promptly.

4.We also collaborate with local agency and engineering group to provide our customers with timely and efficient services.

5.Record system is used to monitor the service condition of customers’ hydropower devices and follow the newest problems momentarily.


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