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Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Wind Power Base


The Hebei Wind Power Base refers to the first national demonstration base of megawatt-class wind power approved for construction in the dam area of Zhangjiakou City in 2007. There are eight wind farms breaking ground.

Hebei Wind Power Base
Hebei Wind Power Base

Geographical Location

Zhangjiakou City, located between the North China Plain and the Inner Mongolia Plateau, has strong winds all year round and is one of the few concentrated wind energy areas in the country, with wind energy reserves of up to 17 million kilowatts and an installed wind power capacity of more than 8 million kilowatts.

For the local reality, Zhangjiakou City to change the "wind" disadvantage for "wind power" development advantages, the development of wind power industry as an important grasp to adjust the energy structure, change the mode of development, the establishment of the construction of a new energy base development positioning.

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Wind Power Base
Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Wind Power Base

Hebei Province is a province rich in wind energy resources, with a total of 74 million kilowatts of wind energy resources initially identified in the regional land area.
At the same time, it is backed by the load centre of the North China Power Grid and has a good grid structure. In Zhangjiakou and Chengde, where wind power is concentrated, the terrain is flat and conducive to the installation and operation of wind turbines.

Currently, Hebei has the second largest installed capacity of wind power in the country and is expected to reach 1 million kilowatts this year, growing at a rate of 100% year on year. The five regions of Zhangjiakou, northern Chengde, eastern Chengde, coastal Tangshan and coastal Cangzhou are the five richest in wind energy in Hebei province.

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Wind Power Base
Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Wind Power Base

This year, Zhangjiakou wind power construction has entered another phase of rapid development. The total installed capacity of completed wind farms reached 370,000 kilowatts, ranking fourth in the country.

There are eight projects under construction, with a total installed capacity of 533,000 kilowatts and a cumulative investment of 3.5 billion yuan.

The total installed capacity of the completed pre-feasibility study projects is 1.57 million kilowatts, with a cumulative investment of 13 billion yuan.

Hebei Wind Power Base
Hebei Wind Power Base


Compared with thermal power generation, wind power generation of 100 million kilowatt hours can save 100,000 tons of standard coal, while reducing carbon dioxide and other emissions of 200,000 tons.

By the end of this year, Zhangjiakou wind power total installed capacity will reach 1 million kilowatts, annual power generation exceeded 2.5 billion kilowatt hours, basically equivalent to the total amount of electricity used by the city's population living.

Hebei Wind Power Base
Hebei Wind Power Base

It is understood that at the end of this year, Zhangjiakou will fully start the second million-kilowatt base wind power project.

2020, with Zhangbei, Shangyi, Weixian, Chongli and other counties as support, Zhangjiakou City, the total installed capacity of wind power will reach 5 million kilowatts, will become the country's largest wind power city, all projects completed, will increase local financial revenue of more than 3 billion yuan.

Hebei Wind Power Base
Hebei Wind Power Base



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Get to know China's wind farms ------Hebei Wind Power Base

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