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Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm


On 30 December 2021, the first batch of wind turbines were connected to the grid at the Zhangbei Shuizhuan Wind Power Project in Hebei.

Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm


The Shuiquan Wind Farm project is located in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province.With a total installed capacity of 99,700 kilowatts, the project plans to install 27 units of 3,600 kilowatts and one unit of 2,500 kilowatts wind turbines, and a new 220kV booster station has been built.

Upon completion, the project is expected to generate 268.4 million kWh of electricity annually.

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

Construction process

During the construction of the ShuiQuan wind farm project, we paid attention to the quality of each place, strictly controlled each link, and achieved zero quality and safety accidents, and the implementation of the construction period node plan must be completed.

During the construction of the project, the project company and the participating units always adhered to the construction goal of "high quality, safety, economy, efficiency and beauty", overcoming many difficulties in preparation, land acquisition, construction, grid connection, procedures and transmission.

Through the joint efforts of everyone, the construction started on October 28, 2020, entered the climatic winter break on November 30, 2020, resumed work and production on March 7, 2021, and achieved the goal of grid-connecting the first wind turbines on December 30.

Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm
Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm


The first wind turbines of the Shuizhuan Wind Farm project were connected to the grid to generate electricity, giving play to the advantages of CEC's "trinity" of investment, construction and operation, establishing a good brand image for CEC's new energy group and laying a good foundation for the project to achieve full capacity and grid power.

The project is located in Zhangjiakou City, with an installed capacity of 39MW and 13 sets of 3MW wind turbines and a 110kV booster station.

Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

Hebei Shuiquan Wind FarmSince the start of construction in April 2015, New Energy has overcome many difficulties such as harsh geographical climate and inconvenient transportation.

By strengthening the fine management of the project and increasing the control of the project site, it has ensured sufficient funds for the construction, orderly progress of the project construction, and controllable project quality and safety.

It has also successfully solved the problem of construction of the transmission line across the railway, paving the way for the smooth realization of the task of grid-connected power generation for all units.

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm
Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

With the completion of the wind farm, it will achieve an annual online power of 100 million kWh, an annual saving of 36,000 tonnes of standard coal and an annual emission reduction of 76,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide, making a new contribution to the ecological protection and sustainable development of the Hebei region and the improvement of air quality in Beijing.

The CEC Shuizhuan Wind Power Project, which uses 13 Goldwind GW110/3.0MW wind turbines, has a total installed capacity of 39,000 kilowatts.

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm

Get to know China's wind farms ------ Hebei Shuiquan Wind FarmThe project passed the pre-acceptance of the whole field at the end of 2016, and in 2017, the online power reached 117 million kWh, with the utilization hours of the whole field reaching 3002h, ranking first in the online hours of wind power projects in northern Hebei.

In 2018, the operation of the project was again brilliant. Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm's utilization hours exceeded 3,000 hours.



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Get to know China's wind farms -----Hebei Shuiquan Wind Farm 

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