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What is CRRC Wind Power?

What is wind energy

Wind energy is the energy produced by the flow of gases. The use of wind energy by humans dates back to BC. China was one of the first countries in the world to harness wind energy, and since the Han Dynasty, China has been using wind to drive simple pumps. As a clean and renewable energy source, wind energy is gaining more and more attention from all over the world. Its reserves are huge, inexhaustible and inexhaustible.

get to know CRRC
CRRC Wind Power

A pioneer in the dual carbon strategy

As one of the earliest enterprises in the wind power industry in China, the core technologies of wind power and the main drive and electrical assembly of high-speed railways are of the same origin and started at the same time. Based on the principle of "relevant and diversified, high-end positioning, resource support and industry leadership", CRRC extends its advanced technologies accumulated in rail transportation industry to wind power industry to promote sustainable development of human society.

A leader in technological innovation

get to know CRRC

                                                                                                  High-speed rail - "national bright card"

                                                                                           Wind power - "standing up the high-speed rail"

Practitioner of industry chain chain length

get to know CRRC

In 2021, Sinotrans wind turbine generator sales ranked first in China, blade sales ranked second in China, tower sales ranked third in China, and wind turbine complete onshore new installations ranked fourth in China. Now the cumulative installed capacity is 13GW, generating approximately 32.5 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is equivalent to saving 10.82 million tons of standard coal, reducing 29.14 million tons of CO2 emissions and planting 1.6 billion trees.

get to know CRRC

Nowadays, CRRC has formed the advantages of the whole wind power industry chain from core components such as generators, blades, towers, gearboxes, converters, supercapacitors, pitch systems, to resource development, project EPC, complete machine manufacturing, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc., and built up the capability of wind power whole life cycle system solutions.


get to know CRRC

CRRC wind turbine products cover a full range of technical lines such as cage, double-fed, direct-drive permanent magnet, medium-speed permanent magnet, high-speed permanent magnet, etc. The power level covers 600KW-13MW, with the ability to provide research and development and supporting capabilities for various types of wind turbines. We have provided more than 65,000 sets of wind turbines for the domestic wind power market, which have been successfully applied to domestic wind farms in the north, south and east and foreign wind farms in the United States, Southeast Asia and Europe, with the first market share in China.


get to know CRRC

The installed blade range covers 29 provinces/municipalities/regions in China, and 14 countries in Northern Europe, South Asia and America, with a cumulative installed capacity of over 30GW.


get to know CRRC

As an authoritative enterprise of rail transportation gear transmission system in China, relying on more than 40 years' experience in R&D and manufacturing of gear transmission industry, CRRC has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of wind power gearboxes since 2008, with an annual production capacity of 4,000 sets of rail gearboxes and 1,000 sets of wind power gearboxes.

Tower barrel

get to know CRRC

CRRC entered the wind power equipment tower manufacturing field in 2006, and its business covers the production and manufacturing of wind power towers, large steel structures, pressure vessels, large energy storage tanks, new energy equipment and other products. After more than ten years of development, it has established more than 30 production bases nationwide and has an independent tower operation and maintenance system to provide services for domestic tower market operation and maintenance. With an installed capacity of over 30,000MW and over 12,500 sets of installed units, the company ranks among the top three in terms of market share in the domestic onshore tower market.

Main control system and pitch system

get to know CRRC

By giving full play to its technical accumulation and innovation capability in the field of electrical system for rail vehicles, China CRRC has successfully transplanted the intelligent and efficient technical features and superior quality of electrical products for high-speed trains to the wind power business, forming a spectrum of wind power main control system products and full life-cycle pitch system.

Whole wind turbine

get to know CRRC

China CRRC entered the field of wind power equipment manufacturing in 2006, and has a product spectrum of onshore and offshore high-power units with the latest technology level. The series products are suitable for complex environments such as high altitude, low wind speed, high temperature, low temperature, sand, humidity, etc. They are characterized by high degree of intelligence and high reliability. At present, the number of installed units exceeds 6,000 units.

Intelligent Operations and Maintenance

get to know CRRC

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CRRC Wind Power expands Product+ and System+, relying on more than 10 years of professional technical operation and maintenance service experience, covering more than 100 wind power service sites nationwide and providing operation and maintenance for more than 4,000 wind turbines. Through an integrated control platform for wind farms and a one-stop service system, we provide solutions for the whole life cycle of wind power projects.

Wind Farm Operation

get to know CRRC
In December 2020, CRRC's first self-owned wind farm, Houshuiquan (Camel Hill) Wind Farm in Taimanshi Banner, Inner Mongolia, was successfully connected to the grid and generated electricity, opening a new mode of wind power investment and operation.

New Model

On February 28, 2022, the project of CNR Songwon New Energy Industrial Base, a demonstration base of smart, zero-carbon and ecological new energy industry cluster, was fully launched, and the wind power products of the industrial park were launched in July, showing the "CRRC speed". In March of the same year, the development and construction of 1.7 million kilowatts of wind power and photovoltaic projects in Baise. The development of wind power entered a new stage.

                                                                                                                             STAR PRODUCT

1. 3xMW Series wind turbine

get to know CRRC

2. 4xMW Series wind turbine

New Model

3. 5xMW Series wind turbine

get to know CRRC

4. 6xMW Series wind turbine

get to know CRRC

5. 7xMW Series wind turbine

get to know CRRC

6. Sea Level One Series Wind Turbine

get to know CRRC


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Boland is a new energy and power company that combines hydro power,  wind power, solar power and storage batteries to provide you with high quality integrated wind &solar and storage system solutions. Boland's partner is CRRC, which has been contracted for high speed rail projects in China, and we have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.

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