Offshore wind power plant O&M problems and development trend analysis

Industry Problems

(A) outstanding safety issues

Offshore wind power projects are mainly distributed in the coast and sea, the harsh marine environment, such as salt and sea waves erosion corrosion, typhoon reckless destruction, etc., the probability of wind turbines are damaged to enhance the difficulty of maintenance also increased. Operation and maintenance operators work at high altitude in a complex environment, the strong wind makes the operators under great pressure, there is the risk of falling from height; wind power facilities have the characteristics of electrically charged, improper operation will also cause electrocution accidents; operation and maintenance ships are not professional enough, many ships belong to the traditional ships, in the sea in the strong wind and waves area poor resistance to waves and mooring capacity is insufficient, resulting in the safety risks of marine operations, is also One of the difficulties in causing accidents.

Offshore wind power operation and maintenance includes a variety of content, involving a variety of industry sectors, such as marine engineering, ships, electricity, wind detection, etc., for the technical ability of the operation and maintenance personnel, professionalism, safety and rescue capabilities have high requirements. At present, the entire operation and maintenance industry operating standards are not uniform, the quality of personnel is not uniform, the safety management system is not sound and perfect. The future development of offshore wind power deep water field, facing more severe operation and maintenance conditions and more severe operation and maintenance challenges, safe operation and maintenance will become a very important and prominent issue in the development of the industry.

offshore wind power plant
offshore wind power plant

(B) low O&M efficiency

Offshore wind power operation and maintenance operations are affected by typhoons, tides, fog, thunderstorms and other bad weather, while the operation zone will exist a substantial shoal, and the intertidal zone of each tidal influence is obvious, operational accessibility problems, transportation equipment selection difficulties, so the effective time of offshore maintenance operations have obvious window period restrictions, subject to a variety of factors, and China's offshore wind power operation and maintenance is still in the rough stage of development, the degree of refinement Not enough, so there is the problem of low efficiency, maintenance is not timely will cause the loss of power generation.

The specific reasons for the lack of efficiency of offshore wind power operation and maintenance are as follows:

(1) the maintenance model is based on the plan there is a lag. The actual operation of offshore wind power operation and maintenance is still mainly used and onshore wind power as the main plan maintenance, fault maintenance as a supplement, this planned maintenance system will produce fault detection lags lead to untimely maintenance;

(2) the degree of digitalization of operation and maintenance is not enough, although in recent years with the industrial Internet and big data applications are committed to do state monitoring and early warning, but there are still offshore wind turbine operating data silos

(3) the accessibility of transportation is not enough to lead to a more limited window, the use of professional operation and maintenance ships in Europe has become more common, China is still a primary development stage, non-professional ship wave resistance, loadability is difficult to support the effective implementation of the operation and maintenance plan.

(C) the high cost of operation and maintenance

Offshore wind power operation and maintenance costs are 2-3 times that of onshore wind power, according to the latest data published by the International Renewable Energy Agency, operation and maintenance costs include fixed and variable parts, accounting for about 20%-25% of the total investment, second only to the purchase cost of wind turbines, the reduction of operation and maintenance costs for the reduction of offshore wind power project LCOE has an important impact. Offshore wind power operation and maintenance costs include large parts replacement, ship operation and maintenance, spare parts and other management costs, repair costs account for about 50% of maintenance costs, ship operation and maintenance accounted for 20%.

The specific reasons for high O&M costs are as follows:

(1) the high failure rate of the unit leads to high maintenance costs, wind power equipment is susceptible to salt spray, typhoons, waves, lightning and other harsh conditions, wind turbine components are prone to failure leading to a large maintenance workload;

(2) offshore wind power O&M requires ships to achieve, and different situations configure different types of ships, the application of ships require input costs or rental costs;

(3) offshore Wind turbine maintenance mode is still based on regular maintenance and troubleshooting "passive operation and maintenance", the lack of effective fault diagnosis and remote warning capabilities, will cause high maintenance costs, power loss and other outstanding problems, affecting the project power generation revenue.

offshore wind power plant
offshore wind power plant

Development trends

(1) standard gradually standardized

First, in terms of safety policy, in the definition of responsibility, O&M personnel management, O&M ship management and other aspects are clear, the future will gradually industry-wide norms and requirements for upgrading.

Second, in terms of industry operation standards and norms, the industry needs to summarize the existing O&M practice experience, establish a set of industry-unified O&M operation standards and norms, unified regulations on technology (such as acceptance specifications, offshore corrosion, electrical protection), the quality of the supply chain, personnel training requirements. Standardization of operational processes can improve the operational efficiency and quality of the entire industry, enterprises refine the standards in accordance with the rules, and according to the operational guidance documents to deal with the steps, effectively improve the standardization, safety and efficiency of operations, the formation of standardization brings competitive strength.

(2) Increased demand for professional ships

In order to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs, it is necessary to lock specialized ship resources, and have the ability to combine different types of specialized ship equipment according to project conditions, and propose the most suitable targeted solutions to minimize and reduce the time and cost of large parts replacement and ship operation and maintenance, so the configuration of professional ship assets is an effective guarantee to improve the economic benefits of wind farms.

At present, the market is commonly used for single-unit operation and maintenance vessel, which is difficult to meet the requirements of wind and wave resistance, anti-collision, offshore rescue and other safety operations, and the resources of professional operation and maintenance vessel with good wave resistance, strong loadability, fast speed, strong berthing ability and high safety factor are extremely scarce.

(3) intelligent operation and maintenance to improve accuracy

The core of lean management lies in reducing various forms of waste through effective analysis of the current state of operation and maintenance, including waste of operation and maintenance costs, waste of operation and maintenance time, and excess or shortage of spare parts.

The main function of intelligent O&M is reflected in three aspects:

1. Through monitoring equipment, digital twin technology to achieve the status monitoring of wind farms, build intelligent O&M management platform to achieve early warning, to be able to find faults as early as possible, to reduce the possibility of large parts replacement;

2. To be able to provide scientific and customized O&M strategy according to the wind farm conditions and the current state of operation, through the construction of the O&M model to do a good job of resource allocation and strategy optimization, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency; third, to provide scientific and customized O&M strategy according to the wind farm conditions and the current state of operation.

3. Through the intelligent operation and maintenance system in spare parts management, personnel management, process management more refined, for wind turbine files, equipment information, personnel management information, meteorological information for intelligent management, improve the operation and maintenance operation and implementation of the degree of standardization.

(4) Comprehensive O&M service providers are competitive

Developers, machine manufacturers and third-party O&M providers and a large number of enterprises to enter the new blue ocean of offshore O&M, each in the field of expertise to provide services and try to provide a variety of solutions, but each has its own strengths each for the formation. Machine manufacturers are the highest technical content in the O&M business, but only for their respective wind turbine characteristics to launch customized unit O&M services, and for the wind turbine foundation and tower corrosion, deformation, vibration, erosion, etc. to take regular testing and repair, resulting in the wind turbine foundation disease in the early symptoms were ignored, the later triggered a chain reaction caused serious catastrophic consequences.

With the rapid growth of installed offshore wind power and in the operation of the wind turbine foundation by seawater scouring time increases, the future stability of the wind turbine foundation and other issues will be further amplified, resulting in increased operation and maintenance costs. At present, offshore wind power development gradually towards the era of flat tariffs, O&M service standards continue to improve, to carry out unmanned equipment-based offshore wind power above-water, underwater inspection technology research and development and testing, to provide safe and efficient services, with customized, integrated comprehensive service capabilities of the O&M provider will occupy a leading position in the market in the industry's continuous iterative development.

 In summary analysis: offshore wind power operation and maintenance problems are obvious, problem source one for the operating environment has a difficulty factor and special, revealed as the emergency operation is difficult, safety risks, weather factors lead to low response efficiency and many other difficulties; two for the industry scale has not been fully revealed, so the development is still in the primary rough stage, the lack of efficient, professional, intelligent way to solve the natural problems brought about by the special operating environment, ultimately reflected in low efficiency and high costs, directly related to the entire offshore wind power whole life cycle of revenue and benign development.

offshore wind power plant
offshore wind power plant

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