Boland Factory 500KW Kaplan Hydro Turbine

The rotor of an axial turbine is like a wind turbine blade and works on a similar principle to a common wind turbine. The water flows horizontally from all sides of the turbine towards the centre (radial entry) and then turns in a downward direction to push the blades of the turbine to do work.Boland factory 500KW kaplan hydro turbine is one of the more widely used Kaplan turbines

Product Details

Boland factory 500KW kaplan hydro turbine's structure

The runner of the Boland factory 500KW kaplan hydro turbine is installed in the runner chamber, the upper end of which is the bottom ring of the turbine, and there is a top cover at the upper end of the bottom ring, and there is a guide bearing in the middle of the top cover, which is the bearing supporting the runner of the turbine; there is a sealing device in the middle and lower part of the top cover to prevent the high pressure water from entering the equipment space in the upper part of the top cover through the shaft; the guide lobe is installed between the bottom ring and the top cover, and the control ring is installed above the top cover with the water guide mechanism related parts such as the catcher; in A tail pipe is connected under the rotor chamber. The water flows through the guide vanes into the rotor chamber, pushing the rotor to do work, and then discharges through the tailpipe, the light blue arrow line indicates the direction of the water flow.

Kaplan Hydro Turbine
Kaplan Hydro Turbine

Boland factory 500KW kaplan hydro turbine' characteristics

Kaplan Hydro Turbine
Kaplan Hydro Turbine

The strength of Boland's factory

Boland is a professional hydro generator  manufacturer and solution engineering company.we have more than 60 years' experience in hydro equipment from 1956.Boland can provide you with expert technical advice and solution regarding hydroelectric power plant.

Boland Hydropower consists of three factory and one construction team,which provides hydrogenerator units,along with installation & commissioning,refurbishment,upgrading and training etc.Beside,EPC service for hydropower projects can be contracted in Boland.

Boland factory 500KW kaplan hydro turbine's success Case

Kaplan Hydro Turbine
Kaplan Hydro Turbine
Kaplan Hydro Turbine
Kaplan Hydro Turbine

Business scope of Boland
1. Provide a design plan
2. Construction of hydropower station
3.Equipment production and installation
4.Refurbishement & Capacit Upgrading
5.Excellent service

Please feel free contact me if you need any support.

Boland are ready to serve you at any time


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