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Inner Mongolia Wind Power Base - China's 10 million kilowatt wind power base

Introduction of Inner Mongolia Wind Power Base - China's 10 million kilowatt wind power base

The Inner Mongolia East Wind Power Base is a 10 million kilowatt wind power base developed and built in the eastern part of Inner Mongolia. The base realises the coordinated development of the power grid and the wind power base, which is in line with the basic pattern of energy flow in China.

The rich wind energy resources, open land, small population and low land prices in eastern Inner Mongolia make it suitable for the intensive development and construction of large wind power bases, which can provide a power supply for large-scale power transmission

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Reasons for the outward transmission of electricity from eastern Inner Mongolia

1 Wind energy resources in the east of Mongolia are very rich

The east of Mongolia is located in the northern hemisphere mid-latitude prevailing westerly wind belt, by Siberia and Mongolia cold high pressure, Mongolia plateau cyclone, as well as East Asia sea and land monsoon and Mongolia plateau monsoon influence, wind energy resources are abundant.

Among them, the junction zone of Wengniut Banner, Keshiketeng Banner and Songshan District in Chifeng is flat, with higher elevation and better wind energy resources, the average wind speed of 70m above ground reaches 8.0-9.3m/s, and the power density reaches 700-1200 W/m2;

the areas of Xinbaerhu Right Banner and Manzhouli in the western part of Hulunbeier Ridge are low mountainous and hilly areas, rich in wind energy resources; Tongliao and Xing'an League areas are at an average level of wind energy resources.

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2 The central and eastern Inner regions are subject to high demand for electricity

China's central and eastern regions are no longer suitable for large-scale construction of coal-fired power plants due to high environmental pressure, high energy transportation costs and tight land resources, while wind and solar energy and other new energy sources have limited capacity for large-scale development.

North China's Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and Lu, East China, Central China and other load centres are economically developed, but energy resources are scarce and the electricity consumption market is large, requiring large-scale acceptance of electricity from outside the region to meet regional economic and social development needs.
China's North China, Northeast China and Northwest China are rich in wind energy resources and have the conditions for large-scale development and utilization of resources.

China's 10 million kilowatt wind power base
China's 10 million kilowatt wind power base

In order to meet the growing demand for electricity in the central and eastern regions, it is advisable to develop large wind and coal power bases in combination with the rich wind and coal resources in the "Three Norths" region, using the "wind and fire bundle" method of power delivery.

In accordance with the national wind power development strategy, relying on wind energy resource-rich areas, to "build a large base, into the large power grid" way of planning and construction ideas, from the "three northern" areas to the central and eastern regions of large-scale transmission of electricity, is to solve the central and eastern regions of the power supply This is an effective measure to solve the problem of power supply in the central-eastern region.

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3.Wind power from eastern Inner Mongolia has conditions for outward transmission

Wind energy resources are abundant and suitable for long-term development.

The total wind energy reserves in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region at a height of 10m above ground is 898 million kW, with a technically exploitable capacity of 150 million kW, of which the area of the eastern part of Mongolia accounts for about 40% of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and the wind energy reserves account for about 32% of the wind energy reserves of the whole Autonomous Region, with a technically exploitable capacity of about 43 million kW.

Good construction conditions and low infrastructure costs. The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has a large land area, a small population and abundant and inexpensive land resources, especially in the eastern part of Mongolia where there is a large amount of desert or semi-desert land at low prices, making it a good condition for building wind farms.

There are no sensitive environmental protection targets such as scenic spots or nature reserves in the eastern part of Mongolia, so the infrastructure costs of the wind farm are relatively low.

The impact on the grassland ecology is low. The production process of wind power is the transformation of local wind energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy. During the entire energy conversion process, no pollutants are produced in the atmosphere, water bodies, solid waste, etc., and no major noise pollution is generated.

With the adoption of appropriate environmental protection, water conservation and noise abatement measures, the adverse impact on the more fragile local grassland ecological environment is minimal.

It has a good scale effect. According to the plan, by 2020, the installed capacity of wind power planned to be built at the Mengdong Wind Power Base will reach 12,225,000kW, but due to the low level of load on the Mengdong power grid and the difficulties in peak regulation, only a very small portion of the power from wind power can be consumed.

The rich wind energy in the Mengdong region is developed on a large scale and sent out on a large scale, in line with the State Grid's principle of "building a large base and integrating into a large grid" for wind power development, which has a good scale effect.

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Inner Mongolia Wind Power Base - China's 10 million kilowatt wind power base

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