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Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models


Photovoltaic agriculture refers to the business model of scientific design and reasonable grafting of photovoltaic on the basis of agricultural operation facilities (or units) in the process of agricultural production practice, in order to realize multiple uses of one place and improve the output rate of unit land.

In the process of PV power plant design, construction and operation, the space necessary for agricultural planting and breeding is reserved to ensure that while the PV power plant generates electricity normally, the physiological needs of plants and animals are met, so as to achieve the effect and benefit of complementary agriculture and light, realize the integration and innovation of ecological agriculture and circular agriculture technology model, and provide strong technical support for sustainable agricultural development.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models

"Photovoltaic + agriculture" is an emerging form of agriculture, not only to solve the problem of power supply needed for water irrigation machinery power, to avoid the photovoltaic industry and agriculture competition for land, but also to sell the extra electricity to the national grid.

At present, there are four main modes of photovoltaic agriculture, namely photovoltaic planting, photovoltaic farming, photovoltaic water conservancy, photovoltaic village house, which is divided into mushroom photovoltaic, fishery photovoltaic, vegetable (melon and fruit) photovoltaic, livestock and poultry (pasture) photovoltaic, forest light, medicinal herb photovoltaic, ecological photovoltaic, water photovoltaic, etc. In the current wave of rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic agriculture plays an important role and has broad development prospects.



1.Photovoltaic + vegetables/fruits

The organic combination of photovoltaic power generation on the roof of the shed and agricultural planting under the shed will drive the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry. For crops, you can plant aerospace vegetables or shade-loving plants, and this type of project can also do some tourism agriculture.

Lower operation and maintenance costs is one of the advantages of photovoltaic vegetable greenhouses. 'Agro-photovoltaic complementary', that is, the combination of clean energy and land resources, and the use of agricultural planting, which greatly solves the high temperature, rainy resulting in vegetable planting and growth problems.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models


2.Photovoltaic + Mushrooms

Planting fast-growing plants in vacant land, recycling of waste resources, solving the environmental pressure of a large number of solid waste bacterium bags.

The photovoltaic power station replaces the shade net of the greenhouse, which creates a suitable environment for mushroom growth while generating power generation benefits, and also solves the contradiction between photovoltaic power generation and a large amount of land area, realizing the multi-win situation of economic, social and environmental benefits.


3.Photovoltaic + Farming

Photovoltaic plus farming can be free-range or build farming sheds, which can raise sheep, pigs, chickens, cows, beef cattle, rabbits, etc., mostly herbivorous animals.

Conservation of pasture to provide sufficient feed for breeding.Installed in the pasture photovoltaic power station, photovoltaic panels can play a role in shading the hot sun and blocking the wind and sand, to avoid bad weather damage to the pasture and the surrounding ecological environment, but also can play a protective effect on the farmed animals. Under the photovoltaic power station, the pasture grows densely and provides sufficient feed sources for breeding. In addition, during the daily maintenance process, while cleaning the PV panels, the water seeping down provides for crop growth.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models

4.Photovoltaic + fishing (fishery and photovoltaic complementary)

Using the vast area of fish ponds, solar panels are installed on top to generate electricity, photovoltaic modules are arranged above the water surface in three dimensions, and aquaculture below, one place with two uses, and profits are substantially higher than those of simple aquaculture.

At present, the main classification of fishery-photovoltaic complementary are closed, open, floating and span type. It is generally built in lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, coal mine collapse areas, paddy fields for fish farming and other areas.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models

5.Photovoltaic + Forestry

Forestry light is common horticulture, forestry, fruit trees, the State Forestry Administration on forestry policy appropriate liberalization also provides a certain space. This model is suitable for planting in low light type, shade type flower and seedling photovoltaic greenhouses, closed and open photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models

6.Photovoltaic + medicinal herbs

In some places to plant some Chinese herbs, these herbs can be well combined with photovoltaic agriculture mode, part of the shade-loving Chinese herbs are suitable for planting in cold and wet mountainous places.


7.Photovoltaic + Ecology

The use of barren hills and slopes, saline land, abandoned coal mining areas and other idle land, the development of ecological photovoltaic, construction of photovoltaic power station, can achieve environmental protection, economic benefits of double harvest, but also to make these abandoned land to get rest and recuperation, a multi-benefit.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models

8.Photovoltaic + water conservancy

Remote rural areas, especially mountainous areas and islands, while solving production and living electricity, promote the development of modern farmland water conservancy technology such as rural electromechanical drainage and irrigation, water-saving irrigation, in order to achieve the purpose of saving manpower, financial resources, material resources and electricity.

Photovoltaic water conservancy involves a wide range of fields or technologies such as photovoltaic water lifting system (or photovoltaic water lifting system), farmland drainage and irrigation, water-saving irrigation and its control system and photovoltaic domestic water, photovoltaic seawater desalination, photovoltaic sewage treatment, etc.

Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models
Photovoltaic + agriculture eight models


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