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Get to know China's wind farms ------ Heilongjiang Wind Power Base


Heilongjiang wind power base refers to the country's large energy base in Heilongjiang, making full use of the rich local wind power resources, by tapping the low valley load, improve the load pattern and other ways to actively crack the bottleneck of wind power development, so that the total installed wind power has grown rapidly. By the end of June 2015, Heilongjiang grid wind power installed 14.73 million kilowatts, a total of 478.425 million kilowatts, an increase of 16.26%, accounting for 18.97% of the total installed power of all types of network, becoming a national "10 million kilowatts" wind power base.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base


Fujin Wind Farm is currently the largest wind power project in China in terms of one-time investment and one-time installed capacity, built on the west side of Jinsan Town, Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province, on Mount Belayin. The ridge of Belayin Mountain is about 8 km long, with an average elevation of 240 m to 470 m. The wind measurement work started in September 1998, and it was determined that the wind farm has good wind energy resources and conditions for the construction of wind farms.

The construction scale of the first phase of the wind farm is 21MW, with a total of 35 wind turbines of 600KW capacity, and an annual power generation of 46.98 million kWh. The average annual power generation capacity of a single machine is 1,342,000 kWh. The entire construction period of the wind farm was 12 months, and it was put into operation on October 10, 2004. The project was designed by the company NEGMICON of Höss Reef, and the wind turbines are all products of this company except for the foundation rings and towers. As of October 11, 400,000 kWh of clean electricity has been injected into the grid from this wind farm.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base

The wind farm can save 20,759 tons of standard coal per year, equivalent to about 39,062 tons of raw coal, corresponding to an annual reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions of about 232 tons, carbon monoxide of about 7. 5 tons, nitrogen oxides (NOZ) of about 331 tons, reduce carbon dioxide emissions of about 56,000 tons, reduce soot emissions of about 434 tons; reduce the amount of ash piles of about 10,187 tons. Therefore, it has good social and environmental benefits


1 .Geographical location advantage
Heilongjiang Province is at the eastern edge of the Eurasian continent at mid-latitudes, on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, near the cold Siberia in the north, and straddling the middle and cold temperate zones in the north and south. In winter, the high altitude is controlled by Baikal high pressure ridge and low pressure trough in the eastern part of Asian continent, while the ground is influenced by Mongolian high pressure center and Aleutian Islands low pressure center, thus making the dry and cold polar continental air mass from Mongolian high pressure area continuously flow to the Pacific Aleutian Islands low pressure area, forming winter wind, i.e. common cold and dry northwest wind.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base

In summer, as the solar radiation energy gradually increases, Asian continent from winter In summer, as the solar radiation energy gradually increases, the Asian continent changes from a high pressure system in winter to a low pressure system, and under the influence of the western Pacific subtropical high pressure control and high altitude fronts, the warm and humid oceanic air masses from the western Pacific Ocean flow continuously to the Asian continent, forming summer winds, i.e. warm and humid southeasterly or southerly winds.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base

2. wind resource advantages
Heilongjiang Province is very rich in wind power resources, accounting for the first of the three northeastern provinces, the fourth in the country, wind power density of 200W/m2 or more, greater than or equal to 3 m / s and 6 m / s wind speed for the year accumulated 50007000 hours and 3000 hours, respectively, the western part of the Songnen Plain in 4 m / s or more, the area around Mudanjiang and north of Huma in 3 m / s or less, most of the mountain areas in The wind speed in the plain is greater than the wind speed in the mountains.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base

The wind speed varies greatly in seasons, with the maximum wind speed in spring and 3-5 m/s in the plain throughout the year, and the maximum wind speed of 40 m/s in the area of Anda. The number of windy days is also the most, accounting for more than 40% of the number of windy days throughout the year. Summer wind speed is the smallest, such as July wind speed of only 2-4 m / s; winter average wind speed is slightly greater than in autumn.

The number of windy days in the year is more than 20 days in most areas, and less than 20 days in individual areas, and more than 50 days in Jiamusi and Yilan in the Songhua River valley, which is the area with the most windy days in Heilongjiang Province. Moreover, Heilongjiang Province has flat topography, convenient transportation and no destructive wind speed, which is conducive to the large-scale development of wind farms. In particular, the northeastern part of the country is one of the wind-rich areas, with considerable prospects for wind energy development and utilization.

Heilongjiang Wind Power Base
Heilongjiang Wind Power Base

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