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Can you install Wind turbine in your own plant

Can you install Wind turbine in your own plant?
The answer is YES!


Boland wind power project cases

Project Description:
Local wind speed:5.2m/s
Electricity consumption:2MW/h

A client from Yemen found us through Boland’s website.He wanted us to provide him with a wind turbine solution for his factory.The client has a large food processing factory and wants to install an off-grid wind turbine for powering his factory.He provide local wind speed is 5.2m/s( get the relevant data from the local weather bureau),and his factory electricity consumption about 2MW/h.

Based on the informations , we developed a project plan for him.Boland recommends 5MW wind turbine installation,one set 5MW wind turbine electricity generation is enough to Achieving self-sufficiency in electricity consumption.

5MW wind turbine
5MW wind turbine

The wind turbine included generator, blade, tower tube, gearbox, converter and ect.After purchasing the wind turbine,we also provide wind turbine installation and wind turbine operations and maintenance.We will send a professional team to the local installation, commissioning and training of personnel related knowledge.And with up to five years of warranty service,If there is any problem with the wind turbine equipment during the period, we will fix and deal with it in time.

Based on the location of the plant and relevant meteorological data and experience, the theoretical annual power generation of the 5MW wind turbine is estimated to be about 25550MW (25.55million KW/year) per year, and the actual power generation should be higher than this estimated value.

5MW wind turbine installation
5MW wind turbine installation
Benefits of installing wind turbine in your own plant

1.Self-generated electricity for your own use,no longer need to purchase electricity from the national grid
2.Excess power generation can be sold to the national grid, generating economic revenue
3.Stable power supply, not affected by sudden power outages
4.The utilization rate of wind power generation is greater than that of photovoltaic power generation, with wind turbines generating up to 12-16 hours of power, compared to 4-5 hours of photovoltaic power generation.
5.Wind power as a clean energy, energy saving and emission reduction

Why order wind turbine from Boland

1.High quality wind turbine, equipment quality assurance;
2.Have a mature industry chain;
3.Provide five-year warranty service;
4.Professional technical team, providing installation guidance, equipment operation and personnel knowledge training;

wind turbine industry train
wind turbine industry train
wind turbine industry train
wind turbine industry train

The installation of wind turbines in factories can make factories get many benefits, save costs and really enjoy the economic benefits of green energy.


Boland Renewable Energy Co.,LTD As an integrated new energy power company, providing youwith high quality integrated wind energy , solar energy and energy storage system solutions.Boland is now a subsidiary of CRRC, and is responsible for the overseas expansion of CRRC's wind power & solar power business. We have a relatively complete internal supply chain, service network and excellent product quality and technology.

Boland Обеспечить EPC электростанции, инвестиции и приобретение электростанции.

Пожалуйста, не стесняйтесь обращаться к нам, если вам нужна техническая поддержка. Приветствуем наше сотрудничество!

Моя электронная почта: marketing@boland-hydroturbine.com

Вашингтон: +8613923745989

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