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How to installed wind turbine Part 1

The wind power project lifting operation has always been an extremely important part of the entire project operation, but also a rather difficult part, because hundreds of tons of heavy equipment to be lifted by cranes to a height of hundreds of meters, set super high and super heavy in one, the difficulty can be imagined. Even so, wind power project is still vigorously developed.

Mechanical selection

The selection of hoisting machinery should first consider the wind farm environment. Mountain wind farms are influenced by roads and sites, so full-road car cranes are preferred. In general, 1.5 MW wind turbine needs to be equipped with 500 tons crawler crane or 1000 tons car crane; 2 MW, 2.5 MW wind turbine needs to be equipped with 650 tons crawler crane or 1200 tons car crane; 3.0 MW wind turbine needs to be equipped with 850 tons crawler crane or 1600 tons cranes.

पवन टरबाइन स्थापना
पवन टरबाइन स्थापना

Preparation before installation of wind turbine

Wind turbine installation before the preparation includes: personnel preparation, machinery preparation, work equipment preparation, wind turbine temporary transport road, materials and materials preparation, wind turbine lifting site preparation, technical preparation, preparation before the operation and some other preparatory work.

Wind Turbine Tower Lifting Points

Wind Turbine Tower Introduction

◈ The tower barrel is made of welded steel plates.

◈ Flanges are welded on both ends of the tower.

◈ After the tower is welded, the welding quality is checked by ultra-long wave.

◈ The height of single section tower is generally 20-30 meters.

◈ Each section of tower is fixed by bolts between flanges.

Tower unloading

◈ Transport truck will transport the tower to the unloading place.

◈ Use two car cranes to unload the tower with two cars.

◈ Install special lifting lugs at the upper and lower flange of the tower, and attach the lifting ropes (or special sling) to the lugs.

◈ Place fixed objects such as wood or earth bag at the tower placement site to prevent the tower from rolling due to accidental force during the tower parking process, the tower should be parked more than 15 cm from the ground.

◈ If the tower is not to be lifted in a short period of time, the steel support frame at both ends of the tower shall not be removed.

Tower tube lifting preparation

Prepare for tower installation

◈ Laying the tower cable;

◈ Clean up the packing and mud inside and outside the tower.

◈ Check all bolted connections between climbing ladder, climbing ladder and tower wall, platform, platform and tower wall, cable bridge, cable clamp to make sure there is no loose and missing.

◈ Use half-round file and sandpaper to remove the protruding part of flange surface, use sandpaper to remove the rust and then spray zinc to treat the polished surface.

◈ Install one lug at the 12 o'clock position of the big end of the tower to be lifted, and one lug at the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions of the small end.

पवन टरबाइन स्थापना
पवन टरबाइन स्थापना

Preparation before lifting the foundation ring of the tower

◈ Mark the inside of the foundation ring with a marker, and first determine the direction of the bolts and tower cylinder door that are tightened by the cross diagonally. Draw the centerline of the tower barrel door position on the foundation ring and draw the flange cross centerline corresponding to this centerline, take this cross centerline as the installation baseline and ensure the size meets the drawing requirements when installing.

◈ The flange surface take symmetrical twelve points and measure the level error. The level error of the flange surface of the foundation ring should be less than 1.5 mm.

◈ Confirm the qualified documents of the foundation and foundation flange.

◈ Check the cable hole, drainage system, and ground installation position.

◈ The platform inside the foundation ring needs to be adjusted in direction and elevation before lifting the tower. The direction of the platform is determined by the direction of the tower, with the tower door back to the dominant wind direction (generally recommended by the manufacturer). The elevation of the platform should be in accordance with the manufacturer's installation specification requirements.

Place tools such as hydraulic wrench, electric torque wrench and pry bar in the foundation ring.

◈ Apply molybdenum disulfide to the fillet part of the connecting bolt between the tower and the foundation ring and the tower, requiring uniform application, with the length of application not less than 1/3 of the length of the fillet. The bolt with good molybdenum disulfide application should be placed inside the foundation ring corresponding to the position of the bolt hole, with the fillet part facing upward.

Tower installation (inverter cabinet installation)

◈ Forbid bumping when lifting out the inverter cabinet and try to avoid tearing the plastic film on the surface of the inverter cabinet.

◈ Pay attention to the installation direction when installing the inverter cabinet on the platform, and face the direction of the tower door.

◈ After the installation of the inverter cabinet, close the cabinet door for airtight protection to avoid moisture or rain during the installation of the tower causing the inverter cabinet to be immersed in water.

Tower crane lifting

◈ The main crane lifts the small end of the tower, the auxiliary crane lifts the large end of the tower, the main crane lifting speed is slightly faster than the auxiliary crane, the auxiliary crane pay attention to avoid friction between the large end and the ground.

◈ The direction of tower in position is determined by the marking point on the outer edge of the lower flange, and the direction of the tower after corresponding this marking point with the marking point of the foundation ring flange is the direction of its in position.

◈ When the tower is lifted about 1 meter, the main crane will slowly erect the tower and the auxiliary crane will slowly drop the hook to make the tower upright.

◈ Remove the big end spreader and clean the lower flange surface.

◈ When the tower is located 1.5m on the foundation flange, hit a circle of sealant on each inner and outer edge of the foundation flange, the width of sealant is about 4mm.

◈ The middle section tower, top section tower installation method is basically the same as the bottom section tower installation method.

◈ It should be noted that the top section tower should be lifted with the cabin on the same day to complete, if the cabin can not be completed on the same day, then no arrangement for lifting the top section tower.

पवन टरबाइन स्थापना
पवन टरबाइन स्थापना

◈ When the tower is located 1.5 meters above the base flange, hit a circle of sealant on the inner and outer edge of the base flange, the width of the sealant is about 4 mm.

◈ The middle section tower, top section tower installation method is basically the same as the bottom section tower installation method.

◈ It should be noted that the top section tower should be lifted with the cabin on the same day to complete, if the cabin can not be completed on the same day, then no arrangement for lifting the top section tower.

◈ When lifting the tower above the bottom section of the tower, a sliding rope should be attached to the bottom flange of the tower so that the ground construction personnel can control the direction of the tower in the air.

◈ Each section of the tower lifting completed, connected to the tower lighting wire, temporary power supply lighting.

◈ For the foundation is pre-stressed anchor structure, you need to use multi-stage tensioner to tension the anchor bolts connecting the foundation ring and the bottom section tower. Stretching in two steps, the first step stretching 70%, the second step to be cabin, blade all lifting completed, 100% stretching. Tensile force according to the manufacturer's requirements.

Tower barrel bolt tightening

◈ When the flange surface of the lower section of the tower barrel is about 10 mm away from the flange surface of the foundation ring, use a positioning pin to position the tower barrel door at the mark with the foundation flange, and another positioning pin at about 120°, put the screw through from the bottom up and bring the nut. First tighten the cross diagonal position of the bolt, and then cross tighten the other bolts in turn.

◈ After the tower bolts are put on, use electric torque wrench and hydraulic wrench to tighten them respectively. The bolts should be tightened in strict accordance with the installation specifications of the fan manufacturer, and generally need to be tightened twice, first to 70% of the rated torque with an electric torque wrench, and then to the rated torque with a hydraulic wrench. After all the tightening is completed, the torque should be rechecked with a hydraulic wrench. In order to prevent omission, a bolt should be marked with a marker after each tightening step, and a marker should be used to mark the connection between the bolt and the nut to prevent loosening after all the bolts are tightened.

We will introduce the details of wind turbine installation in two parts.

पवन टरबाइन स्थापना
पवन टरबाइन स्थापना

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