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Daily News:CRRC First 10MW Onshore Wind Turbine Lifting Completed

On January 27, the 10MWD230 onshore wind turbine independently developed by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute was lifted and installed at Zhangbei Experimental Wind Farm of China Electric Power Academy, marking that the development of China's onshore wind turbine has stepped up to a new level. This wind turbine collects years of technical accumulation and innovation achievements of CRRC, fully demonstrates the advantages of technology chain and industry chain of CRRC in the field of wind power, and continues to provide strong product support for the country's new journey of "double carbon".

पवन चक्की
पवन चक्की

Optimal Solution for Large Base Project

The 10MWD230 wind turbine hoisted this time is the new 10MW onshore high-power wind turbine product platform launched by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, with a wind turbine diameter of 230 meters, a single blade length of 112 meters, a maximum wind swept area of 41,547 square meters, and a power of 9.1-12.5MW flexibly adjustable, as the heavyweight model launched by CRRC Zhuzhou Institute for the "Desert Gobi wasteland" wind power base project, the unit adopts modular design, which is applicable to different scenarios to meet the needs of different wind resources. As a major model launched by CRRC Zhuzhou for the "Desert Gobi wasteland" wind power base project.

The unit adopts modular design, which is applicable to different scenarios and meets the needs of different wind resources; it adopts the box-variable integrated top-mounted side-mounted + doubly-fed technology route, which reduces the length of the nacelle and provides personalized modular solutions for the transportation and lifting of high-power units; it adopts split transportation and double-feeding It adopts split transportation and lifting method to minimize the comprehensive cost of transportation and lifting of the unit.

पवन चक्की
पवन चक्की

Reliability design model for large megawatt units

The unit utilizes the low-speed shaft integrated main drive system, and the low-speed shaft adopts the low-speed shaft integrated design of double TRB integrated bearing housing to ensure the transmission reliability and stability of the low-speed shaft bearings, which lays a solid foundation for long-term efficient operation. Equipped with 3P+1H high-speed gearbox, the ultra-compact design not only optimizes the structure of the unit, but also reduces the transportation and installation cost while enhancing the convenience of transportation of the high-power unit, which demonstrates the profound heritage and unremitting pursuit of product design of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute.

The unit is equipped with long and flexible blades for the large base market, which, combined with the advanced aerodynamic principle and integrated simulation design of the whole machine, enables the unit to maintain high efficiency and stable operation under various wind conditions, demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of the design.

पवन चक्की
पवन चक्की

Opening a new chapter of intelligent operation and maintenance for large megawatt units

The unit integrates a new generation of intelligent SCADA system, health check system and special environmental adaptability monitoring and early warning design, which helps the reliability of high-power wind turbine operation under different environmental conditions. The intelligent control and diagnosis system based on big data model realizes a breakthrough in the comprehensive monitoring technology of wind turbine mega-units, which effectively improves the timeliness of the operation and maintenance response of unattended wind farms, reduces the operation and maintenance costs, and improves the operation and maintenance efficiency. It not only provides strong support for the reliability operation of large megawatt units, but also sets a new benchmark for the intelligent development of the wind power industry.

Accelerating and Empowering the National "Double Carbon" Strategy

It is estimated that the power generation capacity of a single 10MWD230 wind turbine will increase by 14.3% compared with that of 8MW+, and it is expected to contribute about 33.91 million kWh of clean electricity per year, which can meet the annual electricity demand of 14,520 households, and is of great significance in promoting the development and utilization of local wind resources and optimizing and adjusting the energy structure.

In the future, CRRC Zhuzhou Institute will adhere to the market demand-oriented, relying on its own deep technical deposits in the field of rail transportation, and continue to expand the depth and breadth of the wind power equipment industry chain. Responding to the needs of the country with scientific and technological strength, CRRC will continue to uphold the concept of sustainable development, plow into the field of wind power technology, and promote the innovation and application of clean energy technology. We will contribute our wisdom and strength to the development of China's wind power industry and the green energy revolution.

पवन चक्की
पवन चक्की

बोलैंड नवीकरणीय ऊर्जा कं, लिमिटेड एक एकीकृत नई ऊर्जा ऊर्जा कंपनी के रूप में, आपको उच्च गुणवत्ता वाली एकीकृत पवन ऊर्जा, सौर ऊर्जा और ऊर्जा भंडारण प्रणाली समाधान प्रदान करती है। बोलैंड अब सीआरआरसी की सहायक कंपनी है, और सीआरआरसी की पवन ऊर्जा के विदेशी विस्तार के लिए जिम्मेदार है। और सौर ऊर्जा व्यवसाय। हमारे पास अपेक्षाकृत पूर्ण आंतरिक आपूर्ति श्रृंखला, सेवा नेटवर्क और उत्कृष्ट उत्पाद गुणवत्ता और प्रौद्योगिकी है।

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