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Boland renewable Energy Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of solar energy operation solutions, focusing on solar new energy field, is committed to providing intelligent operation and maintenance, intelligent industrial motion system optimization and other operation services in solar field. Senta Energy joins hands with Boson Robotics Ltd. to form an "Alliance Between Giants". Boson’s intelligent cleaning robot, has a number of patents, more than 10pcs of which are invention patents, and in the world's leading technology level.

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At present, set up branches in Baotou city of Inner Mongolia, Delingha city of Qinghai and other places to undertake intelligent operation and maintenance services exceeding 1GW. With the core technical advantages of "Internet +, Intelligent Manufacturing" and a strong R&D team, we will be involved in more intelligent product research and development in the new energy field in the future, improving the value of new energy assets, and make efforts to increase the capital return of the owners.

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