Exploitation et maintenance de parcs éoliens intelligents

With the progress of science and technology, the wind power business continues to develop, the type and number of wind turbines are increasing, the new units continue to put into operation, the old units continue to age, the daily operation and maintenance of the wind turbine is also increasingly important.

1 Key points of wind farm O&M management

1.1 Spare parts procurement and inventory management

The preparation of spare parts is to cope with the downtime failure caused by the uncertainty of the wind turbine, to ensure smooth production must be prepared in advance materials, the procurement process of spare parts include procurement pre-preparation, plan to submit for review program, supplier consultation, signing contracts and other steps.

1.2 Collector line management

1.3 Wind power data analysis and statistics

1.4 Resource and environmental management during operation and maintenance of wind power projects

The main content of resource management includes human resource management, equipment management, material management, fund management and technology management. The whole process of resource management should include preparation of implementation plan, allocation of optimal resources, and resource control disposal.

2 Smart wind farm features

Smart wind farms are mainly based on measurement and control technology, communication technology, information technology, big data processing technology and various intelligent algorithms to achieve automation of wind turbine control, intelligent equipment status perception and judgment, and intelligent operation and maintenance decision-making.

Smart wind farm through various types of sensors to accurately understand the status of the equipment, to achieve effective monitoring of the state of the wind farm equipment; through more accurate sealing control rate prediction, and combined with the grid scheduling demand information, the state of the wind turbine equipment information to automatically adjust the output power of the wind turbine to meet the grid scheduling needs; at the same time can be the fault of the equipment for intelligent diagnosis, intelligent assessment of equipment status, combined with operation and maintenance experience.

At the same time, it can make intelligent diagnosis of each equipment, intelligent assessment of equipment status, combined with operation and maintenance experience, to achieve automation and wisdom of operation and maintenance decisions. The basis of smart wind farms is the digitization of various types of information on wind farms, the core of which is the data, information processing and intelligent analysis system (referred to as information intelligent analysis system), the essence of information technology and intelligent technology in the field of wind power is highly developed and deeply integrated.

3 CRRC's Smart Wind Farm Operation and Maintenance

As the core components of "new infrastructure", ultra-high voltage, big data center and Internet of Things are playing an increasingly important role in national economic construction, especially in the development and utilization of new energy. By injecting the core technology from high speed rail into the new energy field, CRRC Zhuzhou has built a new energy equipment industry pattern of wind power from chip to component, from module to system, and from material to complete machine.

With the integration of advanced cutting-edge technology, and with the help of intelligent data platform, we explore the construction of intelligent wind farms, continuously enrich the basic support of energy Internet of Things, and promote the new development of intelligent energy.

3.1 Intelligent operation and maintenance solution for the whole life cycle

Relying on intelligent big data technology, CRRC Zhuzhou has built its own wind power data center cloud platform, with a planned storage scale of petabytes. At present, the available storage capacity of the data center cloud platform of CRRC Wind Power is about 400TB, managing nearly 3GW installed capacity wind turbines with nearly 2000 units.

Based on the data center high-performance computing cluster and the mining and analysis of massive wind turbine data, CRRC Zhuzhou has developed core products around intelligent operation and maintenance services, such as remote centralized monitoring system for wind farms, wind turbine health management system, digital shadow system, EAM system, etc. This set of solutions can provide users with remote monitoring services for wind turbine operation conditions, wind turbine fault diagnosis and early warning services, and wind turbine regular health.

This solution can provide users with remote monitoring service, wind turbine fault diagnosis and early warning service, and wind turbine regular health check service, which will effectively reduce the frequency of wind turbine faults and operation and maintenance costs, extend the life of the wind turbine, and provide a whole life cycle intelligent operation and maintenance solution for wind turbines.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

3.2 Remote centralized monitoring system for wind farms

The system collects and integrates the data of wind farms and decentralized wind turbines, and presents each turbine's power generation, output, operation status, power generation status, fault information and other important parameters from three levels: wind farms, wind turbines and components by Web page and cell phone APP, so as to monitor the operation of wind turbines anytime and anywhere. Based on the standardized data interface, the system realizes the functions of fault analysis, report statistics, log query, etc., and can flexibly meet the customized needs of users, thus realizing the intelligent control of wind farms by users.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

3.3 Wind turbine health management system

The system uses intelligent algorithms of machine learning to integrate expert experience and establishes a quantitative evaluation system for wind turbine health status, pushing the units or components with hidden problems to O&M personnel and designers in a timely and accurate manner, while providing cause analysis and maintenance recommendations.

Through this system, users can know the health status of each wind turbine anytime and anywhere, and the fault diagnosis and early warning results can be directly pushed to the EAM system, thus realizing preventive maintenance of wind turbines, reducing the chance of major quality problems, improving the availability of the turbine, and reducing the loss of power generation caused by fault shutdown.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

3.4 Digital shadow system

The system deploys functional modules such as shadow following, vibration identification, life prediction, and wisdom seeking, etc. Among them, the shadow following system builds a digital ecosystem of wind farms and wind turbines through the integration of digital and big data technologies, and provides monitoring of key operating parameters such as load, vibration and life of the whole machine, subsystems and key components for wind turbines around the requirements of users.

So that users can control the operating status of wind turbines in all aspects and avoid major It provides wind turbine performance (life, power generation, reliability, etc.) optimization services to maximize power generation, reduce failure rate, achieve predictive health maintenance, extend unit life and maximize return on investment while maintaining healthy operation of the wind turbine.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

3.5 EAM System

The system is based on CRRC's more than ten years of wind turbine technology accumulation and experience in the operation and maintenance of the whole machine, through the interaction of wind turbine operation data and operation and maintenance business data, while achieving rapid response to operation and maintenance, with self-learning mode to continuously improve the knowledge base of wind turbine operation and maintenance and automatically push the troubleshooting and preventive maintenance guidance program, built a BOM data-based, wind farm work data as the core, set design, manufacturing.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

We have built a basic service platform that integrates design, manufacturing, engineering and operation and maintenance based on BOM data and wind farm work data. Specifically, it has the following three major advantages.

(1) Adopting the global new generation distributed energy power marking system coding, its coding system is consistent with the major domestic wind power operators and machine manufacturers in terms of equipment function location coding, which can be tracked according to the task type and component marking number, realizing transparent and digital management of daily operation and maintenance of wind farms and improving the quality of operation and maintenance services.

(2) It can speed up the response to customer needs, improve the efficiency and work quality of wind farm operation and maintenance, achieve the goals of efficient use of human resources, inventory structure optimization, and lean cost management, maximize the reduction of power generation losses, and create greater and longer-term economic benefits.

(3) Complementary integration with wind farm remote centralized monitoring system, wind turbine health management system, and digital shape and shadow system. As a business system for remote automatic dispatch, the troubleshooting results are entered into the fault knowledge base in a standardized manner, and feedback is realized to close the loop and continuously optimize the diagnostic model.

BOLAND/CRRC has rich experience in wind farm O&M and professional O&M team. We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of wind farms at home and abroad, and have a mature wind power industry chain, from equipment supply to O&M, and then to wind farm investment, financing and acquisition.

In short, on the basis of ensuring the equipment, the construction of intelligent operation and maintenance management system can help the stability of wind farm equipment, from many aspects to ensure the overall quality and safety of wind farms, so as to promote the overall development of the power business.

Smart Wind Farm O&M
Smart Wind Farm O&M

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