How much does a wind turbine cost

A wind mill turbine consists of a nose, a rotor, a tail, and wind turbine blade. Each part is very important, and the functions of each part are: the wind turbine blade are used to receive wind power and are converted into electricity through the head; the tail enables the wind turbine blade to always face the direction of the incoming wind so as to obtain the maximum wind power; the rotor enables the head to rotate flexibly in order to realize the function of adjusting the direction of the tail; the rotor of the head is a permanent magnet, and the stator winding cuts the magnetic lines to generate electricity.

The working principle of wind mill turbine is relatively simple, the wind mill turbine rotates under the action of wind, which transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into the mechanical energy of the wind mill turbine shaft, and the generator rotates to generate electricity driven by the wind mill turbine shaft. Broadly speaking, wind energy is also solar energy, so it can also be said that the wind generator, is a kind of sun as a heat source, the atmosphere as the working medium of the thermal energy utilization generator.


The wind turbine cost depend on the power of the wind turbin. Wind turbine generators is the conversion of wind energy into mechanical work, mechanical work to drive the rotor rotation, and ultimately the output of alternating current (AC) power equipment. Wind generator generally have wind wheel, Wind turbine generators, regulator (tail), tower, speed limit safety mechanism and energy storage device and other components.

It is always tempting to shop for a larger wind turbin, and this is not true. The current wind turbin is only to charge the battery, and the battery to store the electricity, people end up using the size of the electric power and the size of the battery has a closer relationship. The size of the power depends more on the size of the wind volume, not only the size of the head power.

How much does a wind turbine cost

1.wind turbins are generally wind turbine, Wind turbine generators, regulator (tail), tower, speed limit safety mechanism and energy storage devices and other components, for the 0.5-2.0 MW wind turbin, the price can be in the 900,000 euros / MW or so, converted into yuan, that is, 6.31 million yuan, then roughly speaking, with RMB 4 million yuan can be purchased to the 0.5 megawatts of Wind power equipment, with 3.2 million yuan can buy a 300KW wind turbine (MW represents megawatts, kw represents kilowatts, 1MW = 0.1 million kW).

2.the above mentioned the approximate wind turbine cost of different power Wind turbine generators, 300KW as well as 1,000kw Wind turbine generators are in fact large wind turbines, for 300KW wind turbine cost, the market price of 3.2 million to 3.5 million are possible, which also contains the manufacturing costs, transportation costs, foundation costs, land acquisition costs, assembly costs, etc., for the For 1000KW wind turbine generators, its market price can be in the price of 10 million yuan, which also contains manufacturing costs, transportation costs, foundation costs, land acquisition costs, assembly costs, etc., and some of them also include the cost of post maintenance.


3.for the Wind turbine generators a price of the cost of the price is for reference only, it is in fact also related to the power, the greater the power, the price may also be higher, brand and configuration are factors that affect the wind turbine cost, may be the price of certain international brands, due to the technology is too hard, the price may have to be more expensive, and the price of certain national brands, it is relatively speaking, a lot of cheaper, and also to take into account the need to Included in the cost of wind turbines in some factors, such as wind turbines formally put into use, the operating costs incurred are to be noted.

4.for everyone concerned about how much electricity a wind turbine can actually send a day, in fact, to prevail in practice, assuming that a 2 megawatt wind turbine 24 hours a day, 2 megawatt wind turbine an hour can send 2000 degrees of electricity, power generation factor of 0.75, it can send 36,000 degrees of electricity a day, a wind generator want to return to the capital of the time is also to look at the specifics to The actual prevails.

How much does a wind turbine cost, the cost can be in the millions or even tens of millions of dollars, large wind turbines 3.2 million -10 million, for its price or to prevail in reality, the need for the cost is still very high.


What are the advantages of wind power

Wind power has obvious advantages. First of all, wind energy, unlike conventional energy, is a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy, which is conducive to easing the problem of tight power supply and is considered the most important new energy source in the 21st century.

1.Wind power does not pollute the environment and does not emit carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in the process of using it, so it is a kind of clean energy that is very friendly to the environment.

2.Secondly, the installed scale of wind power generation is flexible, whether in the shallow sea or the beach can be built, will not occupy a large area of arable land, the operating space is very broad.

3.The construction of a wind turbine is time-consuming, can be quickly put into use in a short period of time, even if a single device can be operated first.

4.Wind power generation is conducive to mitigating the effects of other severe weather. The presence of wind power generation equipment is conducive to weakening the impact of local wind, thus reducing the negative impact of windy, sandy and other weather, and reducing the probability of dust storms. In the northwestern region where the weather is dry, wind power generation equipment plays an important role in enhancing the wind power of the southeasterly wind, which can push the warm and humid airflow forward, thus making the precipitation in the area increase and alleviating the drought problem.

5.Wind power generation has strong stability and low probability of failure. Even if it fails, the maintenance process is relatively simple.

Wind power can avoid this problem, in the process of wind energy conversion, it can be said that there is no pollution generated by wind power generation to replace thermal power generation can be considered an excellent choice.In addition, oil, coal is a non-renewable resource, these resources will one day face depletion, while the wind in nature is no cost energy, will not face the problem of depletion.


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