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CRRC first set of 140m all-steel split-piece wind tower set successfully lifted

Recently, the first set of 140m all-steel split-piece wind tower unit, which is also the first set of split-piece wind tower made by CRRC QIC Shandong Wind Power Company, was successfully lifted in Inner Mongolia Tanghe Project lanqi district wind farm, marking that the company has fully mastered the core technology of all-steel split-piece wind tower,Provide partners with more competitive wind tower solutions in low wind speed high shear areas.

wind tower
wind tower

From the R&D project to the successful lifting of the first 140m all-steel split-piece wind tower, the project team members solved the key problems of the whole process including simulation, calculation, design, manufacturing, transportation and installation.

wind tower
wind tower

The all-steel split-piece wind tower is an industry-leading technology product with the following advantages.
1. Strong load-bearing capacity. While controlling the thickness and weight of the plates, the tower's load capacity can be greatly increased by increasing the diameter of the wind tower.
2. High transportation convenience. It can be transported by stacking or single piece, which is not restricted by seasons and regions, and not restricted by roads and vehicles, solving the biggest problem of transporting tall wind towers.
3. High assembly efficiency. Modular design and pre-assembly of internal accessories reduces installation time on site and improves installation efficiency.
4. Maintenance-free and monitorable. The longitudinal flange connection of the sheet assembly adopts the mature high-strength ring groove rivet technology of high speed railway, which has good stability of preload force and good fatigue resistance, and can realize maintenance-free, and install the axial force monitoring device in the key position of the rivet to monitor the change of the axial force of the rivet in real time to ensure the safety of the wind tower.

wind tower
wind tower

5. Strong personalization, can be customized. It can be flexibly customized according to the project machine load, providing a safe and reliable support structure solution for land-based large megawatt units.
6. High tower economy. The piecewise wind tower is designed and manufactured in light weight, which improves the product economy while satisfying the strength and load-bearing capacity.

wind tower
wind tower

The all-steel split-piece wind tower of CRRC Shandong Wind Power Company provides higher safety, better reliability and more economical support structure solution for onshore large megawatt wind turbine, and the company provides "CRRC technology" and "CRRC solution" for partners in the development of wind power renewable energy with strong R&D design capability and high quality product manufacturing level.


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