Boland 0.6KW-5KW Micro Hydro Pelton Turbine

The runner of Boland 0.6KW-5KW Micro hydro Pelton Turbineis rotated by the impact of the jet water, the pressure of the water remains unchanged during the working process, mainly because of the conversion of kinetic energy, in the same moment the water only impacts a part of the runner, not all of it

Product Details

  The water flow is ejected from the nozzle in the tangential direction of the circumference of the runner and impinges on the bucket blades to do work, Figure 3 (a). Proposed by the American Pelton in 1889, it is also known as the Micro hydro Pelton turbine. The applicable head range is 40~2000m, especially for ultra-high head, and the maximum single machine output abroad has now reached 400,000kW, which is the most widely used type of hydraulic turbine in the impact turbine.

Product Introduction of Boland 0.6KW-5KW Micro Hydro Pelton Turbine

①.Suitable for high head and small flow Runoff power station with large flow variation;

②.small investment, compact structure;

③.It has a flat change in efficiency and a wide range of operation, even when 15-20% of the load is running, the efficiency will not decline;

④.Suitable for high-head and low-flow power stations in mountainous areas;

⑤.It has the advantages of simple unit construction, free from cavitation corrosion conditions, large stable operation area and less civil construction investment.

Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine

The features of Boland 0.6KW-5KW Micro Hydro Pelton Turbine

① One unit is enough for the household electricity of ( lamp, phone charging, rice cooker, induction cooker and other ordinary appliances) of every family;

②The mini Micro hydro Pelton turbine is suitable for water head 9-40 m and the diameter of pipe is 80mm;

③Output electricity based on water flow, the bigger water flow , the higher output electricity ; when the dry season coming and water flow become smaller, the unit still can produce electricity but lower output electricity ;

④.Small size, light weight;

⑤ the Micro hydro pelton turbine also can connect mini diesel generator to produce electricity;

⑥.Generator winding is made by copper wire.

Successful Cases

Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine
Pelton Turbine

Type: 3KW- Micro hydro Pelton turbine generator unit

Capacity :3KW

Head: 30m

Flow: 0.025m3/S

Diameter of pipe : 80mm

Installed location: Guangdong province, China

Installed time : 5 years

Working situation: running normally


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