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Agro PV adds value to low-yielding crops

The PV agriculture integrated grid-connected power generation project combines solar power generation, modern agricultural planting and breeding, and high-efficiency facility agriculture. On the other hand, because the thin-film solar cells are light-transmitting, the main light source required for plant and animal growth can be penetrated; in addition, infrared light can also be penetrated, which can store heat energy and increase the temperature of the greenhouse, which is beneficial to plant and animal growth in winter and saves energy.

PV agriculture
PV agriculture

The project will benefit the most advanced technology, experience and talents in the fields of thin-film solar energy, system integration, intelligent control technology, facility agriculture and agricultural planting, etc.The project will focus on thin-film solar energy facility agriculture integrated grid-connected power generation station and provide a platform for the application and promotion of thin-film solar energy power generation, agricultural photonics engineering, modern agricultural planting and breeding, processing and comprehensive utilization, agricultural planting and breeding technology exchange and promotion, personnel training, tourism agriculture and fun agriculture.

It is a high-tech agricultural industrial base integrating functions of thin-film solar power generation, application and promotion of agricultural photoelectric engineering, modern agricultural planting and breeding, processing and comprehensive utilization, exchange and promotion of agricultural planting and breeding technology, personnel training, sightseeing agriculture, fun agriculture and agricultural products logistics.

PV agriculture
PV agriculture

Overview of photovoltaic agriculture: Simply put, photovoltaic agriculture is a new type of agriculture in which solar power is widely used in modern agricultural planting, breeding, irrigation, pest control and agricultural machinery power supply.

Photovoltaic agriculture meets the requirements of biological chain relationship and bio-optimal production raw material energy system, follows the law of agricultural products production and innovates material and energy conversion technology to achieve intelligent light replenishment, water replenishment and temperature regulation, while its output agricultural products will be safer, more nutritious and more prolific than those produced by existing methods.

PV agriculture
PV agriculture

The PV technology of PV agriculture mainly includes Solartech PV water lifting technology (PV water lifting system), PV water pump, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, micro irrigation and other products. The significance of photovoltaic agriculture compared to traditional agriculture, photovoltaic agriculture is a change in production methods to realize the transformation of farms into factories and fields into workshops.

A group of 35 French agricultural entrepreneurs decided to change their farming practices to adapt to poor groundwater quality and chose agricultural photovoltaics as a way to compensate for lost crop yields.

For us, agricultural PV is first and foremost a collective project," farmers in the Landes, France, and vice president of the French Federation of Agricultural Producers (FPA), told PV magazine.Lamothe also leads Pujo Arbouts Territoire Agrivoltaïsme (PATAV), a group of 35 farmers spread across six municipalities in Castandet, Vignau, Maurrin, Hontanx, Pujo-le-Plan and Saint-Gein Association.

The proposed agricultural PV project is expected to cover an area of 700 hectares
The proposed agricultural PV project is expected to cover an area of 700 hectares"                                                                                                                                                        The hydrologists tracked 1,400 hectares in our area and found that the groundwater showed concentrations of pesticide metabolites above the regulatory limit of 2 μg/L," Lamothe explained. This is a result of the heavy use of phytosanitary products and herbicides in the corn fields in the past."

According to Lamothe, the nature of the land currently makes it difficult to implement organic farming. "So we opted for an agro-photovoltaic solution, where the operator had no other option than to plant new crops because the water quality was not working, which would make it possible to re-establish biodiversity, but would also result in lower productivity. We decided to grow omega-3 rich plants that are adapted to our water quality problems and the climate of our region, such as flax, chia, capers, rape and sunflower." He further explained, "And we will compensate for the decrease in productivity with the income from photovoltaics."

Solar farm
Agro PV  Farm

FFPAT, a group of entrepreneurs, is now working with Green Lighthouse Development (GLHD) on the solar project. The company intends to use single-sided panels mounted on trackers at a height of 1.2 meters from the ground, with modules spaced 9 meters apart, to allow harvester cutters to pass under the panels. says Lamothe: "In May, we experienced a high heat and drought, and under panels that retained the water vapor transpired by the plants, we found that the plants grew greener and developed better than the inter-row plants. better. As a result, we think the returns will be higher than our initial estimates." Only 700 of the area's 1,400 hectares will be equipped with solar panels. "Despite the decline in water quality, our goal is really to continue farming on our land. This will require several sources of income." Harvesting machinery and production and packaging equipment will also be centralized.

The project also aims to create value for the entire area by paying taxes to the municipality. Currently, these farmers hope to be authorized in early 2023, financed in late 2023-early 2024 and operational in early 2025. lamothe concludes, "We will have to do 'zero medication' on our crops. "


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